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Dev Blog Update – Q3 2021

What’s new

As we near the end of release 7 the dev team has been increasingly focused on stabilisation activities; nevertheless there are a bunch of new features available for you in R6.42 should you choose to take this release early.

Core Case

Mentions – comments now support the ability to mention people via the @ character. This together with more configurability in the comments widget enables you to configure more compelling B2B and B2C Persona experiences.

Enhanced configuration options for automatic email filing – we have introduced a number of new configuration options to give you more fine grained control over how your emails are stored.

Configurable share actions – for clients that are using external document sharing solutions we have introduced a new configurable share action enabling your case handlers to share documents with external systems in a couple of clicks.


Configuration Import Export Enhancements – this feature has been in early access for some time now and there has been a tremendous amount of feedback, both positive and negative, on how you see this working. We have implemented a large number of enhancements together with some performance “tweaks” that has cut the import time by a factor of five!

Data Composer – support for document templates and a raft of other enhancements

Document Repository Explorer Enhanced Configurability – we have introduced a new set of configuration options for the document repo widget to give you more fine grained control of what functionality is shown to your users. Combined with persona views this can enable you to provide restricted repository access for B2B users and the like.

New list view provider for participants – you can now create list view definitions for participants

Enhanced configuration of the user profile – prior to this release the widgets available on the user profile were fixed and hence it was difficult to offer different user profile pages for internal and external users. In R6.42 all widgets are available as aspects and hence rules such as “Only show for Case Handlers” attached to them to vary their display for different personas.

Portal Top Nav is now fully configurable via widgets – want to remove the search option for your B2C users? Now you can.

User Availability is now configurable by person – you can now target this feature to specific personas.

Document Assembly

Email Questionnaires – you can now configure questionnaires against email as well as document templates

Template Versioning – previously all of your document and email templates were stored in your DMS and hence were provided with native version control via that mechanism. However with the introduction of sharedo managed templates for Email, Notifications, SMS and Content Blocks we have enhanced the version control support for those template types.

Solution Accelerators

Real Estate Workflows – we have released a new set of example real estate work types and workflows

These features are described briefly in the following sections. As always for more details please see the relevant help materials or contact customer success.

What’s coming?

In our next update we will have completed our full release 7 scope. Included in this are a couple of major enhancements that have spanned a couple of quarterly releases including:

Finance v2.0 – we have completely reworked our finance system around a fully configurable chart of accounts and budgets model giving you, we believe, the sort of configuration flexibility as far as finance work items are concerned that is usually only afforded by large ERP systems.

Word Plugin v2.0 – available in beta now; we will be officially launching the new Word plugin via the Microsoft Office store in the next month. The word plugin provides not only a richer template designer experience but also “clause bank” capabilities for document authors.

Notifications v2.0 – our notifications engine has been reworked to streamline the creation and management of notifications within the application

In addition to these major feature releases we are also will be working upon

  1. Enhanced configurability of the Work Item calendar views

  2. Support for external searches when managing ODS Entities

  3. Advanced Email Styling

  4. New modeller screens to streamline the creation of search scopes

  5. Electronic Signature enhancements

  6. Modeller enhancements for blade menus

Release 8 .. Have your say!

We will be shortly be publishing our Release 8 Product Roadmap consultation paper out to our clients. This will contain all of the various requests that we have received both from you, our clients, together with our own internal consulting teams. Whilst here are some big tickets items in there that we believe will be of benefit to everyone; this is your opportunity to influence the product direction and champion your most requested feature. As always at least 75% of our roadmap is driven by our clients and your input is invaluable. We look forward to hearing from you in due course!


Within comments sharedo now supports the @ syntax to mention people.

mention people

Or indeed teams

mention teams

In addition you can also configure the comments widget to only show comments that are authored by or mention the current user – we’re using this configuration for our B2C portals currently.

Edit widget

Enhanced Configurability for Email Archiving

When an email is received by sharedo it will apply the Email Channel configuration settings to where it is stored and how it is named.

Email Channel

These settings have been enhanced to enabled the specification of Data Composer tag to ensure that your emails are named correctly according to your DMS standards.

A similar set of tags are also available for managing the naming of attachments that are received.

naming of attachments

Configurable share actions

For a given work type you can now specify that it is available as a “Share target”; this applies to all ShareDo types both the out of the box ones and your own derived types.

Share target

Once share targets are configured you will get a share action available within the document repository view when you have selected a document.


Whilst we have configured this within our demo environments as a UX enhancement we see the primary use case for this being integration with external document sharing systems.

A typical solution outline for achieving this is as follows

  1. Configure a custom “Share” work type as a specialism a task

  2. Configure this as a share action

  3. Configure a workflow to trigger upon submission of this share work type and call the external systems API

Hence for the end user the experience of sharing a document externally is as simply as pressing “share” and “submit”.

Configuration Import Export Enhancements

Following extensive feedback from our user base we have rolled out a number of enhancements to import export including

  1. Ability to export Portal definitions at a persona definition level

  2. Warn on version differences between source and target environments

  3. Better management of errored import jobs

  4. Ability to “add all” for Document Templates within the export tool

  5. Better dependency mapping between Form builder, Phase Plans and option sets

  6. Full support for notification configuration

  7. Reduction in time to perform import of configuration by 80%

Data Composer Enhancements

Data Composer has the following additional features released:

  1. The default organisation is now easily accessible within the environment section

  2. Better handling of inherited calculated fields across all types

  3. Added ability to add calculated fields to Participant Types

  4. Full support for document templates as part of data composer included calculated fields

  5. Ability to export Portal definitions at a persona definition level

Document Repo Widget – Enhanced Configuration Options

To facilitate more “fine tuning” of your portal definitions across different portal definitions we have expanded the configuration options available on the Document Repository widget.

Document Repo Widget

Configuration options include

  1. Display style – flat or Standard

  2. Page Size

  3. Sort Order

  4. File linking behaviour

  5. Side bar – whether this is displayed or not and what functions are enabled

  6. Action – bar – whether this is displayed or not and what functions are available

  7. Ability to specify the columns that are displayed

New list view provider for participants

Previously to show participants on your cases you have relied on the Participant Summary widget to show a filtered card view of participants on your cases. Whilst these widgets will continue to be supported as they are by far the quickest and most user friendly way of displaying and interacting with participants you can also create list views of participants now.

Within Manage List Views you will find a new list view type of “Sharedo Participants”

Sharedo Participants

This allows you to specify participant queries based on

  1. Roles

  2. ODS Types

  3. And the hierarchy

Together with displaying columns including

  1. Standard Contact details

  2. Any additional attributes

Like any other list view this can then be placed onto a portal using the list view widget.

Configurable User Profiles

A common requirement when configuring different persona based portal is to streamline the display of the user profile based on persona. For example you want your internal users to have a far richer profile experience than your external users. This level of configuration is now available through the user profile aspects menu option available under ODS Modeller.

User Profiles

Just like any other Aspect driven screen you are now free to

Aspects Editor
  1. Add or Remove Profile widgets

  2. Add display rules to tailor the display of these widgets for different personas

Fully Configurable Top Navigation

Your ShareDo top level navigation will typically look something similar to this …

Top Nav

And for the majority of use cases you will have little to ever change this. However when designing you persona based portals you may want to exclude specific pieces of functionality for certain personas such as B2C users.

This zone is now completely configurable via master pages and the new “top-menu” zone.

menu zone

If you choose to override this zone you can now specify the configuration and placement of widgets including

  1. Search

  2. Time

  3. Launchpad

  4. My Cases

  5. Help

  6. Notifications

Enabling you to produce cut down top navs like the following

produce cut down top navs

Email Questionnaires

In exactly the same manner as document templates you can now add questionnaires to emails.

Email Questionnaires

These then appear in-line when an email is created

Email Questionnaires

Blade Modeller UX Enhancements

Blade Modeller UX Enhancements

You will now find all of the aspect targeting options under a single Display Configuration settings blade.

Email, SMS and Content Block Versioning

There is now a full version history available for HTML templates and content blocks.

Email, SMS and Content Block Versioning

Within the Global Features area of Modeller we have introduced a new Bookmarks global feature. This allows you to enable or disable bookmarks globally or else specify their use for specific Work Types.

Book Marks

As part of this change we have removed the book marks button from the main portal action bar and moved it to a “star”


Solution Accelerators – Real Estate

We have updated our Real Estate accelerator with a complete set of work types and workflows

Solution Accelerators - Real Estate

To install these Solution Accelerators please contact Customer Success .. In release 8 we are going to make the download process entirely seamless via the ShareDo marketplace!

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

With the team very much focused on stabilisation and minor enhancements the list grows!

[78354] [Core] ShareDo calendar – duration of key dates is inconsistent with the calendar sync [79286] [Modeller] – Service Portfolio Modeller (Advisor widget) – Advise Users That The Service Portfolio Permissions Aren’t Assigned To Any Permission Sets [82613] [Modeller][Service Portfolio] Cannot remove client [83229] Matter Financial Landing Widget – There is no refresh tool, hence user has to refresh the associated matter home page, which takes a few seconds to load [84304] Matter (Audit) – There is no ‘clear filters’ tool – consistency issue [84319] Budget Breakdown not resetting after exceeding fee structure [84320] Fee Breakdown – Changing time period doesn’t refresh/clear previous time period data entered [84477] [Fees] Edit Fee estimates (new version / draft) – A new version number is generated when the submit button has not been activated [84535] My profile (edit profile / my teams) – The option of ‘make this team primary’ is not responsive [84541] Admin (Global features / fee structures versioning configuration) – The fields related to the ‘check in’ option are all enabled unexpectedly [84542] [Finance] Admin (Global features / fee structures versioning configuration) – The options are not alphabetically ordered for the ‘check in’ related fields [84550] Fee structures versioning (new version / check in details) – It is not obvious that fields have been configured as required [84552] Fee structures versioning (new version / check in details / file attachment) – Not possible to attach an uploaded file [84884] [Modeller] Participant Roles – Cannot Add inconsistent roles on new participant [84987] Reassign – No user feedback on invalid actions [86043] Matter dispute (claimant’s vehicle participant / registration) – The required field warning message is not hidden after entering a valid registration number [86110] [Fees] Fee structure (new instruction / SoW blade) – A non-stop progress wheel is thrown after submission of a new version [87644] [Email] Error generating pdf from document with no email attachments [88225] Finance (Goods & Services) – The ‘add item’ menu display the same options no matter what option has been selected from the side nav / finance menu [88228] Finance (Goods & Services/add item) – Throws an object reference error when deleting a pricing item [88899] Goods and Service – Rate Card Type hides code [88908] [Goods and Services]: Rate cards should only show organisation roles [89648] Finance (Goods & Services/add item) – Pricing item is duplicated on save action [89738] [Work Type Modeller] Hard to set the category option set [90043] Matter (DMS) – Some of the file actions for example move and copy are not available [90960] Change work type (children to change to each other in a specific phase) – The ‘change type’ option is not responsive [90971] Change work type (children to change to each other using multiple permissions) – The ‘change type’ option is not displayed for user [90998] Matching Rules: Option set endpoint bringing back inactive items [91187] ShareDo Role Permissions: Cannot be switched off once a vary by phase has been set [91321] Modeller (work type modeller / aspects editor) – Copy from parent option does not work as expected with regards to meta data [91437] Matter (edit key facts / participants nav bar / badge count) – The badge count displays a ‘1’ for a matter supervisor, but the said role is not listed in the manage participants blade [91439] Modeller (work type / participant roles list) – The active column displays an active value for a roles, but the role is inactive [91494] Dispute matter (edit liability/chronology): Display issue with a long text [91740] [ODS] Competencies and Advanced ODS Search (competencies) – When the clear option is activated the default competency value does not persist [91864] Documents(tag libraries list) – Filtering is case sensitive for the name column – Inconsistency issue [92003] [Phase Guard] Next Actions – show workflow action names correctly [92030] [Phase Plan Modeller] Changing the name of the phase cannot be saved without further changes to plan [92040] [Property] Refresh button missing from property widget [92148] [Goods and Service] Manage goods and services cannot filter on item name [92355] [Aspects] Appointment Attendees additional config settings [92441] [Modeller] Option Set – Striping: Error if adding Display Rule before list values are saved [92506] [Fees] Fees Templates Configuration – Budget breakdown configuration attribute values are not saved [92514] Dispute Matter (Liability widget) – The liability positions are not displayed [92715] Admin (document / enclosures) – There is no invalid character validation for the ‘system name’ field [93022] [Title and Reference Generator / data composer fields] – There is no copy option to copy the fields values into the ‘generation mask’ field – User friendliness issue [93448] Team portfolio (instructions and cases lists) – The ShareDo type names with longwinded strings are not displayed completely [93640] [Notifications list] – The expiry date related values are displayed in place of the dismissed dates – confusing behaviour [93641] Dispute matter (offers / rationale) – The value of the ‘synopsis of terms’ field is not saved [93645] [Offers] Aspect Configuration – Not possible to configure the offer rationale’s label [93803] [Key Dates] Key Dates Type Relationships – not able to edit if there are long key dates [93855] Emails not saving to correct subfolder in iManage [93885] Related Work Type Matching rule function does not show all relationship types [94159] [Widgets] – Key Date Widget – Same Query returns 2 different sets of results when refreshing widget [94522] Appointment’s default end date duration is not correctly used in the calculation of the default end date [94523] Appointment’s default end date is not displayed as blank although the ‘default end date’ flag has been set to false [94579] [Data Composer] – calculated field on ParticipantType doesn’t show up in UI [94652] AddEditShareDo blade is leaking event subscriptions. [94673] Matter (participant) – Add new location does not display the find address widget [94676] HTML Emails: When sent, Tags do not trigger the Phase Guards [94697] [Documents] Outbound email / Image element – cannot send email due to a regular expression rule [94725] Document Bundles – Make Section Header optional [94755] [Document Template Admin] – can only have two variations for each document ‘source’ [94778] Content Blocks don’t appear in footer of Bundle Title Page documents. [94793] Reply, Reply All, Forward creating error message when replying to an email on chronology or Inbound/Outbound Email [94801] Document admin (document templates / email templates) – A 400 or an insert related error is thrown with a non-stop progress wheel if the config is not reloaded/refreshed after a template change [94811] Error on Email generation for Instructions, but not matters. [94821] Error when saving Redaction on a document Bundle [94835] New Instruction (change SoW / identify statement of work) – There seems to be no navigational control for the open button [94845] Email Archiving – legacy tags are not hydrated [94947] [Participant Sync] The rules defined causes a massive amount of events even if there is nothing in the hierarchy [94948] [EE Diagnostics] Show the queue length [94958] “Assigned To” doesn’t update when you take ownership/reassign/delegate task [94970] [Permissions] Additional permissions for view My Network and Managing connections [94983] Matter (file / copy) – A file without a file extension can be uploaded and copied, but it cannot be opened as a 500 (internal server error) is thrown [94986] Expected end date of current phase and tasks in progress should show as today rather than in the past [94992] Viewing O365 folders that contain an & character does not work [94993] Solution export does not include Execution Engine triggers which start K2 workflows [94994] HTML Generation (email templates/edit html template) – An expression was not evaluated, hence the conditional contents were not displayed in the body of the associated email [95026] [Import/Export] Errored export jobs showing as running and not possible to delete a job [95027] [Participant Role Modeller] Spinner on ODS Settings means you cant change these settings [95031] Matter (participants widget) – The ellipsis menu is disabled [95050] HTML Generation (email templates/edit html template) – Tooltip message is not displayed completely [95055] [Email] – Attachments from the Inbound Email are automatically added to a Reply (in duplicate when the attachments are filed) [95066] Email Archiving – Document delivery emails get archived to the wrong repository – packAttachments [95081] [Data Composer] Add the default org into the Environment section for convenience [95083] [Emails] Send Email from the participants widget didn’t default in the To email address [95084] [RTE] Better support for images to enable electronic signatures being added into emails [95093] Matter (documents/bundle/three dots menu) – There is a version history option which throws an error of ‘sharepoint-online does not support Versioning’ [95101] Contact Detail Picker not picking up ODS / Role details [95111] Business rules not working correctly in a repeating table [95119] Repository Explorer – when you try and add an attachment to an email, you get a permanently locked blade due to an error [95139] Outbound email (subject field) – ‘&’ is translated to ‘&’ when the email is sent [95144] [EE Plan Browser] List should be ordered by name rather than system name [95189] [Repo Widget] Matter (DMS / File /Copy) – The target field is disabled unexpectedly [95253] [Email Authoring][HW][Core] Selected Folder Tag missing from emails [95254] [Users] Teams not assigned to a new user from user type [95257] Default page size for Prizm should be “A4” not “Letter” [95258] Matter or instruction (edit fee estimates / budget breakdown) – An error is thrown: ‘Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index’ [95284] [Finance] Matter (Edit fee estimates / new version /check-in): It is not possible to attach a file as the confirm button is missing [95286] [Finance] Matter (Fee estimate / New version / Check-in) – The optional options are not honoured [95301] Duplicate tags sometimes shown for people [95306] [VDR] – When there are multiple VDR’s using Upload button always links to the ‘top’ room regardless of your target [95312] [Power BI Report Admin] It is not possible to select a connection when configuring a report [95314] [ODS Types] Deleting a type throws a FK Error [95329] Alerting – investigate false positive “noise” on production [95337] [Notifications] Deleting a notification stream/type does not check foreign key constraints and throws a red error [95338] [Notifications] Notification categories optionset should be linked to the notifications feature [95339] [Notifications] Notifications break completely by removing category optionset values [95348] [Notifications] Unable to edit/save notifications global config [95353] [Notifications] API should dedup rather than relying on the client caller [95371] [ImportExport] Unable to add change type rules to export package [95387] [User Profile] Availability – it is not possible to restrict the usage or display of this feature by persona and hence we can’t hide it from B2B/B2C users [95388] [B2C Portal] It is not desirable to offer B2C users the ability to customise their list view columns [95390] [Key Facts Widget] Naming and usage on the workbench portal [95397] [Data Composer] Phase Transition Reason and Description not easily accessible for last phase transition [95398] [Import Export] Handle deletion of providers more gracefully [95399] [Import Export] Need the ability to export portal definitions more granular [95400] [Import Export] Errored jobs that have finished are still reported as running [95403] [Import Export] Import should provide very visible warnings for version differences between source and target [95404] Matter (Rich text editor / Insert icon) – The icon picker has not been implemented for comments [95406] [Import Export] Should be an easy way to remove filters – add x to text box [95417] [Teams] Team Type should be a mandatory field [95420] [Import Export] Adding a form builder should ideally look up dependencies to optionsets [95437] [Finance]Matter / saving a new payment request – A non-stop progress wheel is thrown when saving a new payment request [95447] Duplicate ‘add’ button on key date blade menu after save [95454] Menus with a lot of options fails to save due to SQL parameter limits being reached [95458] [Notifications] Reminders and Task Overdue – not easy to add a reminder notification [95462] [Data Composer][4923] Role context fields not available on email [95474] [Document Assembly – Emails] Selected Folder Tag [95481] [Import Export] Dependency checking between portals and personas is bringing up unexpected results [95483] [Import Export] Land Registry feature has been removed but feature config not cleaned up causing import export to blow [95488] [Import/Export] Dependency ordering not correct for search scopes that reference ShareDo types [95493] Add Comments collection to data composer [95507] [Modeller] [Phase Plan Modeller] Deleting a plan so you can inherit from parent doesn’t take into account various features [95510] [Import/Export] – [Quality of Life] – Missing core config.roleAssociationTypes causing issues with Import/Export [95512] Advanced search scope enhancement: Allow a scope to filter matches on one or more attribute values [95518] [Data Composer] Calculated fields – fields are duplicated and now cant maintain them [95519] Handle more gracefully the error if user doesn’t have permission to view related case [95521] [Core] Re-assigning a participant raises an incomplete event [95532] [New instruction] – Conversion to a matter throws an error of ‘Nullable object must have a value.’ – related to BudgetBreakdown [95552] Proceedings menu does not refresh to show a newly created proceeding [95553] Comments widget – should allow new toggle to show only comments authored by or mentioning me. [95565] [Core][Public API] Getting people by ‘External Reference’ returns a collection, but the swagger definition is incorrect [95572] TaskDetails aspect doesn’t disable save button when mandatory title is empty [95577] Performance limitations on participants when large data volumes [95594] [Doc Assembly] Conditional fields in non-repeating table cause document corruption [95597] [Notifications] Data Composer field for work item URL returning incorrect information with load balanced on-prem environments [95632] Nested calculated field doesn’t work when querying for a specific location in a list of roles [95655] Budget Position Config – Name override does not persist when set on config blade [95656] New budget structure creation – budget type system field not persisted on to config blade, causing save issue [95661] Maintain Budgets blade – Change reasons should not trigger for calculated fields


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