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Dev Blog Updates – Q4 2021

What’s new

We wish you a very Happy New Year from the ShareDo product team … we’re pretty psyched about the product plan for this year and appreciate everyone’s input into formulating it. We’re also pretty excited about some of the features that are being released in v6.48! This will be our last release milestone before finalising R7. In this release we bring you …

  1. Notifications v2 – We consider notifications to one of the most powerful features of ShareDo; however it has traditionally been complex to configure and manage; it was this complexity that we have set out to address in the next incremental version of this functionality.

  2. New Word Plugin – This provides a set of tools for Template and Document Authors to optimise the creation of Word documents using ShareDo Data and Content.

  3. Enhanced Modelling Tools – including the ability to create participant list views, “no code” creation of search scopes, fully configurable user profiles, support for custom commands on list view widgets, additional portal widget configuration options, more configurability for the calendar widget, to name but a few!

  4. Advanced Support for Inhouse Email Styles – enabling you to configure and enforce strict brand guidelines in all of your email communication

  5. Approval Retractions and Inline Approval Enhancements – subject to configuration you now have the ability to retract approvals together with enhanced approval UX.

  6. Portfolio Project Plan Views – We have extended support for our project plan views to include the visualisation of case portfolios.

  7. ODS Search can now be extended to include external sources – ShareDo stores a list of all parties (Organisations, Teams and so on) that are used in the system; this is often referred to as the ODS (Operational Data Store). Subject to configuration you can extend the search for entities outside of the ODS to include external data sources such as Companies House or CRM systems.

These features are described briefly in the following sections. As always for more details please see the relevant help materials or contact customer success.

What’s coming?

We are a couple of features “shy” of completing the release 7 scope with the following items still be worked upon

  1. Finance v2.0 – we have completely re-worked our finance system around a fully configurable chart of accounts and budgets model; giving you, we believe, the sort of configuration flexibility as far as finance work items are concerned that is usually only afforded by large ERP systems.

  2. Page View Analytics – we are extending our event and audit model to track page views within ShareDo enabling you to see what parts of your solution are being used, and indeed what aren’t.

  3. Data Quality Rules for Document Templates – we are extending support for data quality rules to document templates; for complex documents this will allow you to clearly sign post to your end users what data is required and its overall completeness.

  4. Electronic Signature delivery channel enhancements – we are extending support and configurability for different signature providers

Release 8 Roadmap

Thank you to everyone for your input into the Release 8 Roadmap Consultation paper; as always at least 75% of our roadmap is driven by our clients and your input is invaluable. For those of you who haven’t fed back your views there is still time however.

Notifications V2

We consider notifications to one of the most powerful features of ShareDo; however it has traditionally been complex to configure and manage; it was this complexity that we have set out to address in the next incremental version of this functionality.

Notifications V2 contains the following enhancements:

  1. End User Enhancements – we have “smartened up” and stream lined the experience of receiving notifications via the app together with configuring your preferences

Notifications dashboard view in ShareDo
  1. Diagnostics Screens – within the admin portal we have added a new Notifications Diagnostics view to enable you to track and audit the notifications sent out by the system

Notification diagnostic dashboard
  1. Added support for data composer tags in notification types – to enable easier specification of the default notification messages (note: these can still be overridden via Smart Plans)

Notification types dashboard
  1. Added a dedicated Email Notification Template designer support within the Document Admin portal

Dashboard of Email Notification Template designer within the Document Admin portal

Participant List Views

We have introduced a new list view provider of Participants

ShareDo participants

This enables you to create configurable list views of participants for a given work type and is a direct replacement for the Participant List widget.

Within the list view definition you can specify a number of query parameters.

Participant List widget view

Including Roles, Ancestors and Party Types; together with support for adding additional participant attribute columns.

The list view will then display in a similar way to the old widget but with a lot more configurability.

Participants dashboard view

Configurable User Profiles

We have extended our support for configurable ODS aspects to include the User Profile

Types of user profile: Vehicle aspects, person aspects, organisation aspects, user aspects, user profile aspects

In a similar way to People or Organisations aspects you now have full control over the way that the profile blades are shown for different user types.

User profile dashboard view

Search Scopes – new Modeller Screens

Within the ShareDo Modeller we have introduced a new suite of Modelling screens for search scopes; these replace the existing JSON based configuration and are designed to make configuring these scopes a considerably easier and more flexible experience.

Support is provided for all of our search scope provider types – quick searches, advanced searches, process or background searches and custom search providers.

Dashboard of Search Scopes Modeller

The configuration of these search providers is no entirely “no code”.

Dashboard of Search Scopes Modeller with Edit Search Scope panel view

Portfolio Project Plan Views

We have extended support for our project plan views to include the visualisation of portfolios. Using the plan view widget you now have an additional setting of View

Project Plan View Widget

Where you can choose between the work item or portfolio view.

When in portfolio view you can then visualise your work items side by side with their relevant swim lanes.

Portfolio view of visualising work items side by side with their relevant swim lanes

New Word Plugin

The new word plugin is now available from Microsoft’s App Source here

This provides a set of tools for Template and Document Authors to optimise the creation of Word documents using ShareDo Data and Content and well as System Admin. There is a single word plugin for both of these personas and hence the functionality that is offered via the plugin will vary depending upon the permissions that are granted.

Template Authors

Using the Word Plugin template authors are able to quickly interrogate ShareDo content such as tags and content blocks to build up their document templates. Once designed these templates are then available for Document Authors to generate within their cases.

Word Plugin template author view showing ShareDo content such as tags and content blocks to build up document templates

Document Authors

Through the Word plugin Document authors can quickly find and use pre-built blocks of content within their documents. Common examples of this might be clauses that are commonly used. Depending upon the permissions granted you can also create these directly from Word.

Dashboard showing how to find pre-built blocks of content within documents

System Administrators

Access to the Word plugin, like other ShareDo features is controlled via permissions. Before your users are able to use this functionality you must grant them the relevant permissions.

Likewise System Administrators can also control which templates are available in different circumstances.

Support for Advanced in-house email styles

We are seeing more and more of our clients moving away from the generation of “traditional” word advice documents to generating this within their emails. To support this trend we have increased the flexibility with which in-house styles can be configured and made available through the Email Editor.

With the Developer IDE you can define CSS stylesheets

Dashboard view of Developer IDE where you can define CSS stylesheets

These styles can then be referenced within the Rich Text Editor feature.

Custom styles rich text editor panel

And are then available from with the Email editor

Rich text editor view

NOTE: Due to the idiosyncrasies of outlook and its support for HTML creating styles is a complex undertaking; please contact customer success for some sample styles to get you started.

Content Blocks can now be targeted at specific Personas or Templates

In conjunction with the rollout of the word plugin we have also added some additional Display configuration settings to enable content blocks to be targeted at either Template or Document Authors

Display configuration settings to enable content blocks to be targeted at either Template or Document Authors

Support for Custom Commands via the List View Widget

In conjunction with our rollout of the word plugin we have also added some additional Display configuration settings to enable content blocks to be targeted at either Template or Document Authors

ShareDo List View Widget Dashboard

The specified action, its icon and description will then be available on the list view

Icon and description available on list view

Additional Portal Configuration Options

We are seeing a proliferation of portal definitions being used across different solutions to provide personalised experiences for different groups of users. However this is also introducing a maintenance overhead. For example prior to R6.47 you may have had 2 different portal definitions for Personal Injuries and RTA with the main difference between them being the inclusion of a “vehicle” widget on the RTA portal. The problem with this approach is when you want to make changes to the “generic” portal you now have to remember to do them in 2 places. To enable you to design portals which can fulfil both work types requirements in R6.47 we have introduced some additional work type targeting for widgets.

Dashboard of additional work type targeting for widgets

This enables you to specify:

  1. The work type paths that this widget should be shown for

  2. Or alternatively the work type paths that this widget should NOT be shown for

Additional Outbound Email Connectivity Options

Depending upon your solution architecture you can now choose between configuring outbound email to use Exchange On Premise, Exchange SMTP and Exchange Graph API (Oauth)

Depending upon your solution architecture you can now choose between configuring outbound email to use Exchange On Premise, Exchange SMTP and Exchange Graph API (Oauth)

Remember when configuring the Exchange Graph API you must configure the linked service and make this available for specific user groups to link.

Remember when configuring the Exchange Graph API you must configure the linked service and make this available for specific user groups to link.

Your users will then be prompted to link their accounts.

Prompt for user to link their accounts

Approval Retractions and Inline Approval Enhancements

Approvals are typically configured for a given phase on a work item. For example you might configure the “Approving” Phase of an Offer to send an approval task to someone.

In R6.47 we have enhanced the configuration options to include:

Approval Phase configuration dashboard
  1. Whether approvers can perform “in-line” approval and the message they receive

  2. Whether the approval originator can then retract this approval and upon retraction the phase that will be transitioned to.

  3. Once configured correctly the end user will have the ability to retract this approval.

Approval notification button view

In addition, where you want to manage approvals via a portal view there is a new portal widget available “Approval Status” which replicates the functionality of the blade.

Edit widget

NOTE: We recommend displaying this widget without chrome for optimal display.

Finally when defining approval models you can now use data composer tags to build up your approval task definitions.

Dashboard view of when defining approval models using data composer tags to build up approval task definitions

Additional Configuration Options for Calendar Widget

Calendar widget dashboard

The Calendar widget is typically configured in a number of places including:

  1. On Workbenches to show an aggregate view of Key Dates

  2. On Work Types to show a contextual view of key dates e.g. for a proceedings

To give you more fine grained control the configuration options for this widget have been significantly enhanced in this release.

Edit calendar widget view

Through the widget configuration you can specify all look and feel, search and filter parameters.

Extend Party Search to include external sources

ShareDo stores a list of all parties (Organisations, Teams and so on) that are used in the system; this is often referred to as the ODS (Operational Data Store). Prior to R6.47 when adding a participant to a case you were only able to search this ODS list or else create a new entry.

In this release we have added a pluggable extension mechanism to this search which allows external databases to be integrated together with out of the box support for 2 sources.

Enabled search providers list

Once this feature is enabled you are then able to create parties via these data sources.

Add and search external parties dashboard

NOTE: This feature is designed to be extendable via the ShareDo IDE so for example you can plug in your existing CRM system or providers for your geography.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

[39813] [Offers] Finance (Create offer) – To save user time the default value for the amount field should be removed when user clicks into the field – user friendliness issue

[79913] Liability Enhancements – Chronology – Filtering the records by the ‘from / to’ fields not working as expected

[82222] Legal protocols (config) – An error of ”Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘systemName’ …’ is thrown when the save and close button is activated

[83954] Liability Enhancements (Liability blade) – Warning text message missing the associated role names

[84514] Service portfolio – flood of GET’s after save

[84550] Fee structures versioning (new version / check in details) – It is not obvious that fields have been configured as required

[84552] Fee structures versioning (new version / check in details / file attachment) – Not possible to attach an uploaded file

[84884] [Modeller] Participant Roles – Cannot Add inconsistent roles on new participant

[84987] Reassign – No user feedback on invalid actions

[85057] Matter dispute (case / edit liability blade) – Regardless of existing role(s) configuration a confusing message is displayed

[87451] Power BI reports (multiple tabs) – The date range selection does not persist from tab to tab, they are replaced with default values

[89736] [Participant Roles] When adding a participant role the manually assignable and can change flag should be set by default

[89753] [Phase Guards] Newly created matching rules do not appear in the search upon creation

[89777] [Search Scopes] Manage List View – you should be able to configure this to hide disabled Search Scopes

[89811] [Search Scopes] The menu applicability should be using paths not types

[90036] [Participant] Adding a new participant, lose ODS settings

[90136] Task Details Aspect: Marking as do not show still picks up mandatory marker

[90971] Change work type (children to change to each other using multiple permissions) – The ‘change type’ option is not displayed for user

[90984] Appointments: Option Set Striping not being honoured

[91548] Formbuilder: Currency fields not being populated correctly allow empty set to true

[91722] Properly handle copying documents to approval task for container types

[91852] [ODS] Competencies (Edit type) – The value of the name field cannot be saved

[92030] [Phase Plan Modeller] Changing the name of the phase cannot be saved without further changes to plan

[92040] [Property] Refresh button missing from property widget

[92128] [Participant Blade] Long location type names cause a display issue

[92235] Matter (outbound email) – An email with an outstanding action plan can be sent

[92355] [Aspects] Appointment Attendees additional config settings

[92402] Modeller (instruction b2b / configure aspects) – The command buttons are not responsive

[92580] [Modeller] Document Expectation Work Type has two start phases

[92824] Dispute Matter (title) – The title is not refreshed after assigning a missing claimant or defendant role

[92974] [Data Loader][Doc Templates] Data load fails with a non specific error when a column is missing

[93305] Admin (global features / fee structures) – The file attachments folder selection is not saved

[93517] Dispute matter (proceedings list) – The list is not refreshed automatically after creating a new record

[93640] [Notifications list] – The expiry date related values are displayed in place of the dismissed dates – confusing behaviour

[93646] iManage provider – save as new version does not work – throws an API error from iManage

[94186] Matter (Edit Participant blade) – There is a display issue for the command buttons in Edge

[94191] [Offers] – Feature configuration – Subfeature related blade opens twice intermittently

[94311] [Offers] Admin (global features / offers) – The save buttons seem to be disabled constantly

[94316] [Offers] Blade – Aspect config – The nav bar of ‘Related Documents’ is not included in the footer by default

[94438] Dispute matter (mandatory participants phase guard) – Html tags are displayed in the associated blade of a phase guard

[94441] [Phase Guards] – Phase transition (mandatory participants phase guard) – There is no tooltip for the delete command button

[94446] [Phase Guards] – Phase transition (mandatory participants phase guard) – There seem to be some hard coded text that is displayed in place of a valid title

[94494] [Time] – Time entries – Burger Menu options in ‘Revising’ state are not consistent with functionality

[94522] Appointment’s default end date duration is not correctly used in the calculation of the default end date

[94606] Participant card styling – roles tag/label does not respect width of container block

[94644] [Import/Export] – [Document Templates] – Export of a template seems to differ in the target environment

[94681] [Rich text editor] – Comments / Table element – There is no default format – display issue

[94688] [Rich text editor] – Table element – The alignment settings are not honoured

[94775] [Email/Fax/SMS UX enhancement] – (Email) – The ‘refresh template’ button is not located in front of the template field as expected

[94915] [Liability enhancements] – The claimant role is duplicated in the liability widget and also in the liability blade

[94984] Matter (DMS/file/copy) – The target field is in read-only mode unexpectedly

[94985] Document templates (burger menu / view plans) – The navigation control is not visible when the associated blade opens

[95026] [Import/Export] Errored export jobs showing as running and not possible to delete a job

[95271] New Statement of work – Not obvious which fields are mandatory

[95276] [List Views] Menus option can now be depreciated since the modeller is available

[95341] DMS Flat view – expected field data missing causes “key not present” exception

[95346] [Vehicle Lookup] Putting in incorrect characters throws a red error

[95352] [Notifications] Notification Tracking shows different times for created versus in app

[95353] [Notifications] API should dedup rather than relying on the client caller

[95355] [Calendar] – Week and Day view don’t show all the dates that Month does

[95357] [Data Composer] Context Work Item URL should be on the base work item

[95359] [Notifications] Create new notification stream – category is showing in active values and other minor snags

[95362] [Notifications] Terminology and icons are inconsistent

[95363] [Notifications] Diagnostics shows a tick even if the email doesn't get sent

[95400] [Import Export] Errored jobs that have finished are still reported as running

[95406] [Import Export] Should be an easy way to remove filters – add x to text box

[95408] [Import Export] We need the ability to “add all” for export for certain providers e.g. document templates

[95414] [Notifications] Diagnostics – shows a tick even though the email didn't actually get sent

[95417] [Teams] Team Type should be a mandatory field

[95418] [Formbuilder] Delete does not take into account document templates in its usages check

[95420] [Import Export] Adding a form builder should look up dependencies to option sets

[95462] [Data Composer][4923] Role context fields not available on email

[95466] [Liability] – Claimant cica has its claimant role duplicated for the same participant

[95474] [Document Assembly – Emails] Selected Folder Tag

[95481] [Import Export] Dependency checking between portals and personas is bringing up unexpected results

[95488] [Import/Export] Dependency ordering not correct for search scopes that reference ShareDo types

[95507] [Modeller] [Phase Plan Modeller] Deleting a plan so you can inherit from parent doesn't take into account various features

[95510] [Import/Export] – [Quality of Life] – Missing core config.roleAssociationTypes causing issues with Import/Export

[95516] [key dates] – The key date changes are not refreshed automatically in the key dates widget if the values have been updated in the key facts blade

[95521] [Core] Re-assigning a participant raises an incomplete event

[95528] Modeller smart plan scripts case sensitive

[95532] [New instruction] – Conversion to a matter throws an error of ‘Nullable object must have a value.’ – related to BudgetBreakdown

[95552] Proceedings menu does not refresh to show a newly created proceeding

[95553] Comments widget – should allow new toggle to show only comments authored by or mentioning me.

[95555] [Notifications] Instant email / SMS notifications are no longer sending

[95556] [Notifications] Unable to save notifications global feature

[95565] [Core][Public API] Getting people by ‘External Reference’ returns a collection, but the swagger definition is incorrect

[95572] TaskDetails aspect doesn’t disable save button when mandatory title is empty

[95576] [Competencies] – Filtering by type: The second page of the filtered items is displayed as empty

[95577] Slow code on participants when large datavolumes

[95579] [outbound email] – An unhandled error of ‘Object reference not set…’ is thrown when opening an attachment

[95583] [Modeller][MANAGE LIST VIEWS] – The setting of ‘Only show my time entries’ is not honored

[95593] [APIs] Work Item API – ParentId needs to validate relationships

[95597] [Notifications] Data Composer field for work item URL is return incorrect information in Gamma prod load balancer

[95604] [Document Templates] – Import/Export error when one of the pack contents have been used

[95607] Key Dates blade doesn’t present / constant spinning wheel when open a Key Date Notification from a Worklist

[95609] [Core][Public API] Locations passed in the ‘Organisation’ and ‘Person’ APIs are not assigned to the new entity

[95623] [Rich Text Editor] – After inserting an icon it is not possible to undo or remove it

[95630] [Import Export] Depreciate performance flag – i.e. perf is std

[95631] [Import/Export] Import export of ODS Type aspect configuration as a whole

[95635] [K2 Integration] Better handling of K2 processes timeouts

[95640] [Core][Aspects] A participant Work Item without a ‘legal.proceedings’ record throws an exception

[95648] [Modeller][Portal Designer] – After adding a widget in the designer the system did not display it for the associated matter

[95657] Totals for budget rows styling inconsistent alignment

[95658] Budget snapshots appear duplicated on MaintainBudgets screen before refresh

[95659] Budget Analytics graphs should both use the same x-axis scale

[95660] Chart of Accounts segment code config screen requires filter options

[95662] Listview context menus render transparently when the row is no longer hovered.

[95663] [Core][Public API] Locations passed in the ‘Organisation’ and ‘Person’ APIs are not given Location Types

[95667] Service Linking – update to external service linking messages

[95669] Graph render API error: object reference not set to an instance of an object

[95670] [Core[[Public API] The ‘get workitem by ID’ API Swagger definition incorrectly states that a body is required

[95680] “Create or open child task” command – can no longer set any of the document generation properties.

[95682] [Core][Public API] WorkItem API response model ‘AspectData’ field type is incorrect

[95684] Striping causing error when showing/hiding aspects on blade phase transition

[95691] [ImportExport] Global features should have a dependency on any option sets that are linked to them

[95692] [Mentions] It is not obvious to users that they can mention people – add @ to the toolbar

[95693] Share Action not available from the related documents blade

[95697] [Budgets] Budget Analytics aspect is not available to be added via “Add New Aspect” blade

[95698] _logSessionId is not marked as secure on

[95700] [Admin Dashboards] Work Item chart displays incorrect values until refreshed

[95705] [Import/Export] When an import includes IDE the reload config button should be replaced with a Reload Application button

[95706] [Modeller] Plan editor should stop you adding multiple steps with the same system name

[95709] UX – when adding a participant by searching for party type – the party type is not automatically populated

[95712] Embed K2 smart form widget – does not have a refresh button or programmatic way to refresh content.

[95713] [DevOps] CI build should fail if migrations are missing guards around types/phases

[95723] Pentest: Infra – strict transport security not enforced for HTTPs

[95727] Pentest: Errors – add a new obfuscated error mode

[95735] [ImportExport] Inconsistent enabling of constraints

[95736] Nuke type tool should prompt to reload config (like import does)

[95741] [OAuth Services] Provide better UX when tokens expire or are not available

[95744] [Data Composer] – using default=true on a formbuilder boolean/toggle field ensures value is always true

[95746] Pentest: Document template API allows changing of template type despite this being read only in the UI.

[95747] Context Browser menu operation/command should load the blade in debug mode

[95755] [Email] UX – Not easy to read body of inbound emails

[95764] Using fluent API to update key date from smart plan should ignore deleted ones

[95765] [Document Assembly] Template Display Rules should enable a Document to be displayed on a child work item type

[95791] [Public API][Shell] Create WorkItem API return model has changed

[95799] Orange too dark on recommended participant icon

[95806] [Top Level Navigation] – Launchpad – ‘&’ is not rendering correctly

[95812] Search scopes and menus – not honouring launchpad settings

[95817] Calendar sync error when no ShareDo found

[95826] Search scopes – need ability to add attributes to input panel of the ShareDo elastic advanced provider

[95834] [Core][Documents] Cannot delete a template that has (legacy) jurisdiction restrictions

[95837] [Admin Portal Home Widgets][Radar – System Activity Widget] – Exclude Events Filter not working

[95847] [Budgets] Events – Finance Budget Phase Changed missing a curation widget

[95848] [Budgets] Analytics Widgets – its confusing to have 2 sets of widgets; consolidate

[95849] [Budgets] Budget Structure Config – Minor Snags – Icon Picker doesn't work

[95850] [Budgets] Budget Structure Config – Minor Snag – Nav bars don't enable on save

[95851] [Chart of Accounts] V7 Migration fails and leaves itself in an inconsistent state

[95852] [Chart of Accounts] Account Segment Picker doesn't make good use of space

[95853] [Chart of Accounts] Account Segment Picker – minor styling issue when in config mode

[95854] [Chart of Accounts] Account Segment Picker – dropdowns should apply a sort order

[95856] [Account Adjustments] Minor styling issue on Transactions Widget

[95857] [Finance Transactions] core config – ‘core-financial-transactions-log’ list view missing

[95858] [Offers] Cannot create an offer of whoa-finance – javascript error

[95859] [Budgets] Budget Analytics – Config Widget is missing a header

[95860] [Budgets] Widget Config – Budget Summary should not be in common widgets category

[95861] [Budgets] Budget Status Widget – Config Blade is currently broken

[95865] [Finance Transactions] Financial Summary Widget – throws error

[95866] [Finance Transactions] Financial Summary Widget – Minor styling snags on config widget

[95877] [Email Authoring][HW] No Full screen editor for email templates

[95891] [Fees] Fees widget not obeying permissions

[95893] [Email Filing] Filing target is showing the matter twice

[95904] Configuring global features sometimes opens duplicate blades

[95908] [My Notifications] – The table structure that was added in a rich text comment loses its structure when displayed as a notification

[95909] [Walls] – An unhandled error is thrown on save

[95912] Execution engine plan filter not including K2 workflows in results

[95915] Document Expectations – unable to set Reminder

[95918] [Import Export] We need the ability to “Add All” for Calculated Fields

[95919] [Modeller] [QoL Enhancement] Key Date Aspect – Show Parent Sharedo’s key dates enabled causes a 404 error when attempting to create/save an instruction

[95923] [Import Export] Missing dependency check between ODS Aspects and striping rules

[95942] Missing matching rule crashes ShareDo with unhelpful error

[95944] [Budgets] Budget Structure Configuration – Minor Styling Issues on Config blade

[95946] [Budgets] Budget Structure Config – Add Segment Codes should show the code as a column also

[95947] [Chart of Accounts] Account Segment Picker should be hidden when there are no user options

[95948] [Chart of Accounts] Migration shouldn't have cost centre included as this is demo data

[95950] [Approval Models] – Approval Type is not visible in Approval Model portal

[95951] [Budgets] Budget Status Widget – throws an error

[95954] [Budgets] Calls to action from old smartplans don't seem to work

[95955] [Mentions] / Comments: The mention’s trigger search not behaving consistently

[95964] [Data Composer] – Calculated field on formbuilder doesn’t show up on document.recipient context* fields

[95987] Document expectation work type missing target repository and folder configuration

[95992] [Rich Text Editor] – handle numbered headings styles being empty for some reason

[95995] [SMS Templates] Fields on the SMS Details aspect are sometimes not displayed

[95997] [Mentions] Email notification about a mention blanks the persons name

[96012] Document Generation. Content block doesn’t hydrate more than once if used in the same document.

[96027] [Word Plugin] Missing Function to search thru Tag Browser (as per ShareDo Tag Browser) to filter the list of Tags presented

[96029] [Calendar Widget] Work Type filter shows Task entry erroneously

[96031] [Calendar Widget] Core Portal for Proceedings is now broken and uses an old? version of this widget

[96032] [Calendar Widget] Its not particularly clear what Matter/Case a date belongs to

[96033] [Budget Status Widget] Doesn't display values from calculated columns

[96034] [Budget Config Migration] Duplicate categories and accounts mixed between them

[96037] [ImportExport] Import failing on old command foreign key

[96043] [Document Assembly] – Document not generating on projects with large amounts of data

[96045] Wiki section logic – messaging and behaviour

[96050] [Modeller][Participant Roles] Can’t remove Inconsistent Roles once saved

[96052] [ImportExport] Adding a disable global feature to an export throws a generic error

[96070] [EE Diagnostics] List view doesn't implemented paging

[96072] [EE Diagnostics] Process Details needs to be moved into a blade as its difficult to use when working with a big list of processes

[96080] OAuth – needs a confirmation when unlinking system account.

[96086] [Word Plugin] Inserting Key Dates as a List. Tag Browser does not set focus to the sub set of Tags when user clicks on Table or Repeating Section content control.

[96087] [Fee structure] – Approval- The approval list does not display the related work item

[96089] [Word Plugin] Content Blocks inserted as a Tag : missing functionality

[96091] [Word Plugin] Refresh Content Block Option shows Invalid Date

[96092] Single click on participant list view doesn’t do anything

[96093] OAuth – no mechanism to remove user’s external oAuth tokens

[96095] [Tag Loaders] – Unhandled fatal exception – :MatterTagLoader: No Id passed in document production request tags

[96096] [Word Plugin] Document Browser. Group entries by type and collapse each heading by default

[96104] OAuth: When K2 token expires and EE tries to start a workflow, the error is too vague.

[96114] [EE Diagnostics] When resubmitting an errored process .. that then succeeds the list view should refresh

[96121] Manage Participants on Task burger menu tries to load the old Maintain.Personnel blade

[96123] [Word Plugin] |Enable for Template Authors toggle should only be shown if the user has the Admin – Templates permission

[96124] [Word Plugin] Document Author cannot update the “meta” of their own content blocks / Meta incorrectly shown based on permissions

[96125] [Word Plugin] Finalize Document menu option should not be available when a word document is linked to a template

[96127] [Inbound Email] – Relates to – Advanced Search returns no results

[96131] [Mentions] Mentions on private comments don't raise notifications – not do they feedback

[96132] [Document Management] – Error thrown when opening Doc Management from Instruction or Matter blade

[96141] [Chronology] – Error in POI Handler on Email chronology

[96166] [Locations] There is no option to add from connections when an ODS entity doesn't already have a location

[96190] [User Profile Aspects] Profile Summary – Configuration Options

[96191] [User Profile Aspects] Stats widget needs configurability

[96192] [User Profile Aspects] Profile Summary Widget shows availability even when this has been “disabled” via the feature config

[96201] Add docked preview panel support to chronology

[96217] [Menu Providers] Missing a provider for Participant Roles

[96224] [ODS] – Missing ‘Is User’ column in Admin > ODS > People

[96225] Email Authoring. Content Blocks. Conditional Section. Expression not saved in Editor.

[96230] Can update a team in an ODS WALL I do not have permission to via the Team API

[96244] [Data Composer] – Calculated fields within calculated lists don’t get resolved

[96249] Email Templates. Using Source Variations causes display issues on the email template.

[96256] [Word Plugin] Receive “Unable to load content block.” message for Content Blocks created in output docs generated via ShareDo.

[96257] [EE Diagnostics] There are plans in the Active Processes list that return no Process Info and error on ‘Edit plan`

[96260] [Approvals] Default Message should be clearer

[96261] [Approvals] Styling / layout of the Portal widget is not beautiful

[96263] [Search Scopes] Missing some settings that used to be possible

[96277] Document Assembly. Prepare Document blade. Attachment titles disappear when attachments re-odered.

[96294] [Time] Time List View – Previous months time doesn't show until you refresh the list

[96296] [Project Plan] Random dates displayed in the blade when using save button

[96297] [Word Plugin] Missing Open Document Link

[96305] [List Views] Additional Columns using form builder fields are case sensitive

[96306] [Share] -Matter / DMS – Display issue when the ‘share target’ option is activated

[96308] [Share] Matter / bundle generation: The share option is displayed in the ‘choose documents’ blade – Is this an expected behaviour?

[96309] [Document Repo Widget] Share menu z order isn't correct and doesn't display fully

[96331] Performance issue – admin graph queries

[96342] [Word Plugin] Inserting Lists. Tag names have a $root prefix.

[96350] [Import/Export] Document Template Failed import

[96373] [Participants] Vehicle updates done get audited

[96379] [Finance] Budgets Informational Section Message is incorrect

[96380] [Finance] [Payments] Cannot update a draft payment

[96381] [Invoice Payments] Old aspect still showing and should be updated in a migration

[96382] [Invoice Payments] Invoice Payments aspect shows 2 sets of chrome

[96384] [Invoice Payment] Default config includes and old aspect Invoice Receipts

[96385] [Invoice Payments] Adding an invoice payment to an invoice causes the invoice blade to refresh and it loses its invoice transactions

[96386] [Invoice Payment] Creating an invoice payment from scratch shows a “something” is wrong message

[96387] Matter (time management / time entries) – The ‘bulk operations’ option is not displayed

[96391] Matter (plan widget) – The date related values are not clear enough to read

[96396] Dispute Matter (add vehicle) – An object reference error is thrown on save

[96398] [Word Plugin] New version of Add-in doesn’t recognise a template Word document.

[96399] [Word Plugin] Breadcrumb path does not clear down after Formatting a Decimal Tag

[96400] [Word Plugin] Advanced -> free text Content Blocks -> Display Rule is ignored on document generation.

[96420] Participants Nav modeller aspect error

[96421] Left nav item not selected / highlighted if current page name has space in

[96424] [Word Plugin] Unable to view Delete and Display Rule options from Document Browser

[96425] HTML Emails. Repeating Sections. Edit button doesn’t do anything.

[96426] [Word Plugin] “Unable to load related content” when selecting Related Documents option.

[96428] [Data Composer] – Calculated Fields not showing on Type/Phase when looking at doc-gen graph

[96446] Search scopes losing free text and input position settings on save

[96456] Matter(DMS) – Document preview does not work as it displays nothing

[96481] [Striping] – Incident Type aspect striping behaviour on a matter is inconsistent with an Instruction

[96491] Data table mapping doesn’t always save row selection

[96492] Some ShareDo type aspects can’t be added via UI (missing from config)

[96499] [Word Plugin] Can’t resolve formatted Date when adding Lists Tags

[96522] [Word Plugin] Unable to Resolve a List for a Descendent within a Descendent, e.g. a List of Dates for each Proceeding linked to a matter.

[96528] ‘Refers to’ links not always readable on hover

[96550] [Word Plugin] Advanced Tags Option should be available to Template Authors only.

[96560] Notifications query expensive and causes performance issues

[96587] [Calendar Widget] Should be able to click anywhere on filter labels


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