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Legal IT for the iOS generation!

This summer the smart folks at slicedbread held an exclusive analyst briefing and demonstration of ShareDo – best-in-class case and matter management for all of Legal. Influential Legal IT Blogger and Head of Applications Technology at DLA Piper, Jason Plant was one of the analysts who attended. It was a fantastic day had by all, and we are very pleased to find Jason liked what he saw…

Best thing since… well for me since Hatton Blue. Legal IT for the iOS generation!

ShareDo by a company called slicedbread. One of a new wave of Legal IT companies that have a bit of a Silicon Valley start-up feel to them, both in their approach to tech and the quality look and feel of their products. A welcome trend! To call this a modern-day Hatton Blue is doing ShareDo a massive disservice, it is born out of an adaptive case management system but through several iterations and an 8-year-long R&D cycle what we have is much more…

Read Jason’s full review of ShareDo by clicking here


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