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Leading UK Law Firm, Keoghs, Projects £1m Savings through Operational Efficiencies

The implementation of Tracker puts us on a trajectory that could truly change our business. It offers the potential to improve productivity by an average of one hour per person per day, and have a phenomenal impact on our bottom line. Delivering so much more than simply tracking to-dos, watching a calendar, and keeping a file of notes, the future of Tracker is to be truly dynamic – we have a vision of it knowing exactly what has been done and being able to handle anything that might be next, even if it’s not ‘what’s next’ on paper.

John Salt, CIO, Keoghs

Business Situation

The legal services market in the United Kingdom is experiencing rapid change as a result of forces including market consolidation, globalisation, and regulatory change; leading to greater corporatisation, the use of new legal structures, and an increasing role of technology. As a forward thinker, Keoghs recognised the need to transform their business early – the need to support their specialist teams and drive efficiencies through advanced technology.

Technical Situation

In common with many of their peers, Keoghs have implemented a Windows client-based legal case management solution some years previously. However, as their need to accelerate processes increased, this solution had become a ‘rusty ball and chain’, preventing rapid changes in processes and limiting Keoghs’ ability to scale to meet customer demands. In seeking to find a replacement case management solution, Keoghs, which refers to itself as a non-conventional law firm, had several requirements that the law firm-orientated case management systems couldn’t meet.

Keoghs’ focus on complex insurance claims together with industry changes required a level of process excellence typically associated with advanced business process management tools. These factors led Keoghs to choose a solution based on K2 and SharePoint.

The Solution

slicedbread were selected as the preferred partner by Keoghs to implement a single case management solution, called Tracker, that would form Keoghs’ main line of business applications – running 95% of all their critical processes from case management through to product development and client reporting.

slicedbread were selected for their experience implementing large-scale claims case management solutions utilising K2 and SharePoint for clients such as the Co-Operative, and were able to bring this experience to both de-risk and accelerate Keoghs’ implementation. The solution combined the unique power of SharePoint 2013 across Document Management, Unified Desktop, Collaboration, and Analytics together with K2 to manage and optimise business processes and increase overall business maintainability, with legal documents being generated by Qorus docs.

Taking a user-centric design approach, Tracker was designed to empower case handlers to coordinate, advocate, escalate, document, track, and report across their case portfolios. Providing highly intuitive productivity tools the solution is targeted to save caseworkers ‘hours per day’.

Taking an information-centric approach underpinned by the solution's advanced analytics, Tracker will enable case workers to make intelligent predictable judgments on cases and work allocation based on solid empirical evidence.


Tracker is focused on streamlining core processes such as due diligence, drafting, negotiation, and risk assessment, with the ultimate aim of saving Keoghs £1M and placing them strategically ahead of their competitors through the use of innovative, ground-breaking technology.

It achieved this through a reduction in process waste and an increase in chargeable hours, a more efficient allocation of resources, improved quality, and more intelligent decision-making. In an ever-changing market, its agility will allow Keoghs to quickly adapt its processes to meet customer needs, enabling them to be more price competitive, and agile.

Already Keoghs’ ‘dynamic score’ – a measure of the firm’s ability to be dynamic in varied business scenarios – has improved by at least 40%. Feedback from the Business Development team is that clients view this solution as a true differentiator and recognize the potential opportunities that Tracker brings to the table.

By adopting Microsoft SharePoint and K2, Keoghs have invested in a future-proofed platform that can be rapidly and cost-effectively expanded to meet future needs.


slicedbread assisted Keoghs across all elements of the project lifecycle including User Centric Design, Project Management, Process Design, Technical Architecture, Development onshore/offshore, and internal development mentoring together with support. Solution components included K2 Workflow and Smart Forms, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Analysis Services, Power BI, Qorus Docs and Vizit.


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