So here’s the question: why should you invest in the integrations of applications within your organisation?

Allow us to answer you from the perspective of all of the people involved within the process.


Sales Team: “I’ve landed a huge deal – I’ve set up all of the Contracts, Dates and Payment Details in the sales application and the customer cannot wait!!”


Project Initiations Team: “I’ve received the information from the sales team about the new project. I’ve copied over all of the relevant information into our initiations format – it’s taken me hours of working late into the night”

Customer: “I’ve received the project initiation documents but some of the information is wrong.”

Sales Team: “I’ve resent the information needed for correction – it was the third attachment on the email that I sent to the initiations team”


Project Delivery: “Project is complete and project sign off documents sent to client”

Customer: “Project is signed off but as yet we haven’t received the added extras which we agreed to as part of the sale”

Sales Team: “Apologies, mistake from Sales as we didn’t scan the extras print off from the sales application. We can do this as a separate project – might be waiting a while for the next project slot. I will update the sales figures in the system now”


Accounts: “Received project sign off and documents from Project Team so sent invoice to the client”

Customer: “Received the invoice, it appears that we have still been charged for the added extras which have not been delivered”


Management: “Project has been escalated up the chain by the client due to a catalogue of mistakes and failures”

Are you seeing it?

The apologies, the rework from everybody, the dissatisfaction of the customer and the discontentment of the staff?

Some simple integrations passing information seamlessly through departments would mean:

  • Staff aren’t having to spend valuable time re-keying
  • The team is not sapped of energy doing needless work
  • Mistakes through human error aren’t happening
  • Customers are getting their information accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Management aren’t spending time dealing with unnecessary complaints

THAT’S why.


Teresa Dawson: Teresa is a Business Analyst at slicedbread and has a wealth of experience in delivering complex solutions to prestigious organisations such as the House of Commons, Wembley and the National History Museum.