Productivity and efficiency have always been at the heart of sharedo’s development. The latest update to the platform features improved task management to help users do their jobs easier and more efficiently. The new feature relates to the creation of documents which can be a long and complex process with input needed from many sources.

It enables users to create associated tasks to the master document creation task. These activities can include reviews, approvals, general tasks, emails and telephone calls. The associated tasks can be joined together via sharedo’s task blade transitions so that a user can see and action activities relating to the document creation, achieving optimum efficiency.

Create Associated Tasks to help improve efficiency

The associated tasks can be assigned to different users to make use of expertise across the organisation and users can view all of the associated tasks and the progress through visually striking progress bars to see, at a glance, where the overall document preparation task is and what needs to be done.

Document Creation Task Plan and Associated Tasks