Evolution teaches us that specialisation confers competitive advantage. Species that adapt and specialise prosper. Those that don’t eventually become extinct.

We witness specialisation in every facet of our daily lives.

The cars we drive are complex feats of mechanical engineering and design. They comprise thousands of component parts, manufactured by multiple suppliers, each with specialised expertise in their particular field. The end result is much more refined that it would be had the manufacturer tried to make each part itself.

When shopping for everyday fashion we might visit Primark; for a special occasion it will more likely be John Lewis or the House of Fraser—department stores where we can select from specialised manufacturers.

And every law firm is a perfect example of specialisation. You have lawyers who specialise in particular areas of law. A corporate real-estate lawyer has a different set of skills to an insurance litigation specialist.

And so it is true of software. Different business applications are best served by different, specialised, software tools. Even the mighty and ubiquitous Microsoft Office is merely the software equivalent of a department store of specialised tools. Word can comprise tables and those tables can contain formulae but would your FD ever use Word for preparation of the monthly management accounts? Likewise, Excel can handle text; PowerPoint can handle text and graphics, but would your lawyers ever use either of those to prepare 50 page contracts?

sharedo is specialised case and matter management. That’s all it is. It is not workflow. It is not a to-do list. It is not a CRM system. It is specialised case and matter management software. It manages cases and matters. It helps you to deliver the results your clients want in the most efficient way for the firm.

And that’s all it does.

But it’s specialised and it’s the best at what it does.


David Thorpe: David is the Business Development Director at slicedbread and has over 35 years’ experience in the legal software industry. Having worked at Thomas Reuters, Aderant, Peppermint Technology and now slicedbread, David is unrivalled when it comes to breadth of industry knowledge.