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sharedo, created by slicedbread, is an adaptive case management platform. Built using the best technology stack to solve today’s business problems; sharedo improves a law firms’ productivity and efficiency to help drive successful client outcomes.

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Legal Case Management Software; The Future of LawTech; Now.

Legislation changes, technology advancements and the global economy all impact upon the legal profession. Clients now expect more for less and as such law firms need to find a way to deliver outstanding legal services, more profitably. Thankfully, we have developed sharedo; an agile legal case management software platform that improves productivity, profitability and client services by cleverly using the latest technology.

Legal Case Management Software; The Future of LawTech; Now.

Legislation changes, technology advancements and the global economy all impact upon the legal profession. Clients now expect more for less and as such law firms need to find a way to deliver outstanding legal services, more profitably. Thankfully, we have developed sharedo; an agile legal case management software platform that improves productivity, profitability and client services by cleverly using the latest technology.

Personal Injury Case Management

sharedo has been pre-configured to help both claimant and defendant personal injury law firms. It’s goal is to improve efficiency, accuracy and client outcomes. The platform can enhance the services of firms who do volume case management and complex defendant contracts.

Real Estate Case Management

Configured to help real estate focused law firms effectively manage large property portfolios and improve contract lifecycles. sharedo lowers the cost of delivering legal services whilst enhancing client service. Featuring, intelligent work allocation, automation, clever use of data and bespoke client portals, the solution designed to improve efficiency, service levels and to grow profits.

In-House Legal Management Software

sharedo is a flexible and adaptive legal software solution designed specifically for global business legal departments. Every business is different and sharedo is configured to meet the legal needs of large corporations. It does this by providing self-service portals, streamlined legal processes, better contract life cycles and ingrained compliance into the general business.

Matter Management

Case management software is often associated with trying to commoditise legal services. sharedo is different, it has been developed to manage complex matters and compliment the specialist skills of lawyers. The platform is an enabler to improve processes and free up lawyers from administrative burdens to spend more time where their expertise is required.

Improved Productivity

Working Smarter for Improved Results

With increased client expectations and challenging market conditions; law firms need to find ways of improving the way they operate. sharedo uses disaggregation, automation and the best user experience to maximise productivity. Lawyers can spend more time where they add value and less time administrating.

This section talks about some of the features that make sharedo more than your ordinary legal case management software platform.

Behind the Scenes, Making Things Run More Efficiently

sharedo takes a law firm’s work and splits it up into constituent parts. The legal software manages the workflow, resource and task management so that lawyers, paralegals and support staff have clear objectives on a day to day basis. Behind the scenes, sharedo is intelligently managing the workloads of individuals, teams and third parties to make law firms more productive.

Intelligent Disaggregation

sharedo matches tasks to available expertise. This means that qualified lawyers will only be given tasks that require their specific knowledge. Tasks of a general nature can either be disaggregated to appropriately skilled employees or machine automated for their completion. Furthermore, tasks can be disaggregated to individuals, teams, third parties, clients or for machine automation.

Utilisation levelling

Any law firm will have utilisation peaks and troughs. Some employees will be attempting to do more work than they can readily manage. This could lead to quality and timeliness issues and/or burned out staff. Others will have too little to keep them fully occupied; which is wasteful and demoralising.  sharedo can distribute work based on busyness to even out utilisation peaks and troughs meaning all staff are equally busy to maximise productivity.

Machine Learning

sharedo uses powerful technology called ‘event (& complex event) processing’ that analyses large quantities of data.  It spots trends such as potential process bottle necks to enable business owners to act to avoid problems and keep processes running productively.

A Unified and Brilliant Way of Working

Few organisations have a standardised approach to task management. This could mean that case handlers are not as organised as they could be and result in risk to the business through missed deadlines. sharedo provides a standardised way to manage tasks with an exceptional user experience that maintains a high level of productivity.

Personalised Dashboards & Worklists

Every sharedo user has their own dashboard and work list. This features their tasks, team tasks and key metrics to show their workload.

Users can action any of their tasks from their worklist. Every task has a deadline so they can work in a structured fashion to ensure the overall case is delivered to client timescales.

Management Visibility

From a management perspective, having disparate task management across the firm makes it difficult to review workloads/bottlenecks. Furthermore, it makes the reassignment of tasks in the event of unexpected absences challenging. sharedo introduces one single unified way of managing tasks across all case handlers. sharedo provides visibility to managers about caseloads and gives simple tools to move work between case handlers.

Time & Expense Recording

Time and budget tracking is embedded into the legal case management software. This enables firms to understand the time and cost constraints associated to individual tasks and cases. The recording of time can be automated or a manual process. Consequently, the information provides valuable intelligence to the law firm to determine the cost of processes.

Collaborate Anywhere & Everywhere

sharedo allows users to comment on tasks and annotate documents to share ideas, advice and expertise for every task. Users can also delegate and reassign tasks to colleagues to ensure cases are progressed without delay.

Document Lifecycle Management

Document creation can be set up to follow any structure, with workflows including review, approval, fact finding and drafting. Each document stage can be delegated to individuals and teams for completion. Users of sharedo can annotate documents from within the application and add comments to help gather information or make refinements. sharedo also integrates with document management software such as iManage and SharePoint to safely store documentation. With its email integration, sharedo also enables email attachments to be saved to the document management software from within the platform.

Timed, Remind & Escalate

To avoid missed deadlines, every task features a completion date that is displayed chronologically via a users’ worklist. The system also notifies users of approaching deadlines and in the event of a missed deadline can automatically escalate to a line manager.

Improved Profitability

Outstanding Legal Services at a Profit

The goal for any law firm is to provide clients with outstanding services at a profit. Profitability has come under increasing pressure during the last decade as prices fall and competition increases. sharedo, however, is a legal case management software platform that is designed to maximise profitability through clever use of technology.

Managing Resources for Lower Costs

A law firm’s employees are paid a wide range of salaries based on experience, position and skills, meaning some carry higher internal costs than others. There is a natural tendency for lawyers to operate in a ‘cradle to-grave’ fashion to ensure work is carried out to the client’s satisfaction. However, lawyers are at the higher end of the cost scale and if they perform all of the work themselves, inevitably the transaction costs of each case are higher than they could be. sharedo ensures that each case is managed in the most cost effective way without sacrificing client satisfaction or case outcome.

Intelligent Automation Engine

Automation of work helps eliminate the administrative burden of routine tasks such as drafting standard documents, sending emails and kicking off new workflows.

The Intelligent Automation Engine also considers the cost, expertise and busyness of individuals to match tasks to the most appropriate and cost effective resource.

What makes sharedo truly amazing is its ability to learn and make prescriptive process changes based on the actions and results from work that is processed through the system. Using its complex events processing engine, sharedo has situational awareness that identifies conditions and creates actions to identify and remedy issues before they affect the firm.

Data Driven Decisions

sharedo ensures that business owners can scrutinise the law firm on a granular level and from a helicopter view. The platform analyses, processes, workloads and the performance of teams and individuals to enable business owners to make informed decisions about every aspect of their operation.

Better Client Service

Provide Clients with Greater Visibility of their Transactions

One of the most important aspects about legal service delivery is communication between client and law firm. Good communication builds great relationships and adds to the overall customer experience. sharedo is designed to improve communications to enhance customer service levels and provide greater transparency of client transactions.

Build Client SLAs into Your Processes

sharedo makes the personalisation of client service offerings simple. Model your standard service definitions and then flexibly overlay client specific SLAs and processes to provide the best service; every time. Specific SLAs agreed with clients can be maintained as ‘client contracts’ and applied to all the client’s matters. This means that individual commitments will always be reflected in sharedo’s alerts.

Client Portals & Personalised Reporting

sharedo is persona driven and can support an unlimited number of personas. Each persona determines what that user sees, including reports, tasks, documents and correspondences. This means that law firms can quickly deploy bespoke client portals to feature reports that are relevant to that client to provide real-time visibility of their cases.

Multi-Channel Comms

sharedo integrates with a host of communication channels including, Skype, email and SMS so client and law firm can communicate and collaborate across their medium of choice. Because different channels are integrated, any resulting logs or attached documents can be associated to that matter or case.

Activity Stream & Notifications

sharedo can provide clients with an activity stream accessed from within their portal to visually show where their case or matter is and what actions are needed. Clients can set up notifications to be alerted when specific tasks have been completed or when their input is needed.

Client portals
Example B2B Client Portal
B2C client portal
Example B2C Client Portal

Greater Flexibility

An Agile Platform to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Traditional case management platforms have held law firms back. Built using old technology and providing little flexibility, legacy case management software has had an adverse effect on being able to adapt to new changes in the profession. sharedo is different, built using today’s technology to solve the problems of today and tomorrow, sharedo is an extensible and adaptive platform that enables large law firms to be agile to change and stay head of the curve to thrive.

The single platform for all legal

sharedo provides a faster and easier way to model work types, case plans and workflows. It is a flexible case and matter management system with out of the box legal content packs including personal injury, conveyancing, claims and a lot more. sharedo enables law firms to define their own case plans, workflows and disaggregation for a truly bespoke model.

Stay Flexible, Model Case Plans

sharedo makes work type, case plan and workflow processes effective, simple and profitable. With sharedo’s configuration tools law firms can quickly change processes to help improve efficiencies. Define case plans, workflows and disaggregation.

Resource Management

Smart plans are an important part of sharedo that provide high level dynamic case and work plans for law firms. The Smart Plans co-ordinate resources, monitor costs and execute workflows to ensure a first-class client service and satisfaction every time.

Completely Customisable

sharedo is incredibly flexible, it can manage any type of work, it’s just a case of configuration. Everything in sharedo can be customised, including, reports, dashboards, processes, approval processes, document creation, participant types, in fact, anything in a process can be customised to the way a firm works.

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