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sharedo helps P&C Insurance Companies manage large volumes of work, including underwriting, claims management, policy and billing. It features intelligent machine learning and best in class usability to help improve the productivity and profitability of insurance firms.

The property and casualty insurance industry typically grows in accordance with GDP. With slow growth and the longer-term challenge of new market entrants taking market share, it is important that insurance companies innovate business processes and adopt the latest technology to stay competitive. sharedo is a solution that has been developed to help insurance firms stay competitive by improving efficiency and using technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Improved Efficiency & Profitability

Designed to Get Results for P&C Insurance Companies.

sharedo is built using the latest technology to drive efficiency for insurers and make their businesses more profitable. The platform provides a unified and brilliant way of managing tasks across the entire organisation and is designed to help the following areas.


sharedo is an adaptive platform that enables P&C Insurance Companies to build processes that are the perfect fit for their unique operation. The flexible nature of the software means that pre-built underwriting processes can be customised to include best practices and client specific requirements. These processes guide underwriters and agents in the most efficient and cost effective way.

The software’s workflow includes intelligent disaggregation and automation, ensuring that tasks are completed by the most cost effective resource, this could be a team, individuals or machine automation.

Insurance workflow solution

Claims Management

sharedo is designed to help P&C insurance companies process claims faster, with more efficiency and greater accuracy. sharedo does this via:

Few organisations have a standardised approach to task management meaning it is unlikely that claim handlers are as structured and organised as they could be, resulting in risk to the business through missed deadlines and unmet client expectations. sharedo provides a standardised way to manage tasks with an exceptional user experience.

Legal Case Management Personalised Task Management

By applying standardised processes, best practices and business rules to the claims process and combining it with sharedo’s machine learning capabilities, insurers can increase the accuracy of their claims management and reduce leakage.

Insurance Leakage Reduction

Many aspects of a claim can be automated to improve efficiency. This could be the generation of documents, standard client communications or the scheduling of tasks to individuals and teams. sharedo is flexible so that human checks can be applied anywhere within the process.

Disaggergation for Law Firms

sharedo includes sophisticated technology called the Complex Event Processing Engine. This analyses vast quantities of data to spot trends and flag issues such as fraud so that insurers can run checks and eliminate deception.

Client Service & Retention

sharedo is persona driven and can support an unlimited number of personas. Each persona determines what that user sees, including reports, tasks, documents and correspondences. This means that P&C insurance companies can provide their customers with bespoke portals to enable clients to:

  • Retrieve their policy details
  • Communicate with insurer representatives
  • Track claims
  • Update and renew policies.

sharedo can improve customer retention as it can build in processes to notify customers about their renewals and provide them with details and actions that they can complete within their portal to renew their policy.

Greater client communication for insurance firms

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