Adaptive and extensible case management software

Be more efficient, profitable and customer focused.

sharedo is an adaptive case management software solution that is designed for service delivery organisations that want to improve processes, case handler productivity and customer experiences.

Service deliver organisations, whether health care providers, professional services firms or telecoms companies have a vested interest in the way they handle cases. Accuracy, efficiencies, cost savings and ultimately customer service are determined by how cases are managed. sharedo is a flexible case management platform that uses the most efficient processes to deliver a first-class customer experience.

Service deliver organisations, whether health care providers, professional services firms or telecoms companies have a vested interest in the way they handle cases. Accuracy, efficiencies, cost savings and ultimately customer service are determined by how cases are managed. sharedo is a flexible case management platform that uses the most efficient processes to deliver a first-class customer experience.

The Best Processes

Efficiency as the Foundations of your Case Management.

Case management is a labour intensive process. Our experience delivering enterprise solutions across healthcare, professional services and property management firms means we are able to break down processes and streamline them to find the most effective and accurate way of delivering quality. sharedo is the fruit of our labour and has been created to use flexible workflow, intelligent disaggregation and machine learning to help organisations improve their processes to deliver more for less.

Stay flexible, model case plans

sharedo makes work type, case plan and workflow processes effective, simple and profitable. Configuration tools enable organisations to define case plans, workflows, approval processes and how work is disaggregated based around best practices, legislation and customer requirements. The case plans guide employees through processes to provide greater accuracy. Because the platform is so flexible, processes also can be quickly modified to help remove bottlenecks and drive efficiency.

Intelligent Disaggregation & Automation

sharedo matches tasks to available expertise. This means that skilled employees will only be given tasks that require their specific knowledge. Tasks of a more general nature can either be disaggregated to appropriately skilled employees or machine automated for their completion. Tasks can be disaggregated to individuals, teams, third parties, clients or for machine automation.

Disaggergation for Law Firms

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

sharedo features a powerful technology called ‘complex event processing’ that analyses business processes and spots trends such as process bottlenecks and makes predictive recommendations enabling business owners to act. Performing in a way a data scientist might, the complex event processing engine enables organisations to improve processes by eliminating issues such as bottlenecks, fraudulent activity and human error.

The Best Task Management

Unify your Workforce for Improved Productivity.

Few organisations have a standardised approach to task management, meaning case handlers are not as organised as they could be, resulting in risk to the business through missed deadlines and unmet client expectations. sharedo provides a standardised way to manage tasks with an exceptional user experience that maintains a high level of productivity.

Personalised Dashboards and Worklists

Every sharedo user has their own dashboard and worklist. This features, their tasks, team tasks and key metrics showing their workload.

Users can action any of their tasks from their worklist and every task has a deadline so they can work in a structured fashion to ensure the overall case is delivered to client timescales.

Management Visibility

From a management perspective, having disparate task management across the firm makes it difficult to review workloads/bottlenecks and makes the reassignment of tasks in the event of unexpected absences challenging. sharedo introduces one single unified way of managing tasks across all case handlers, provides visibility to managers about caseloads and gives simple tools to move work between case handlers.

Time & Expense Recording at the Source

Time and budget tracking is embedded into sharedo enabling firms to understand the time and cost constraints associated to individual tasks and cases. The recording of time can be automated or a manual process and is all recorded to provide valuable intelligence to the law firm.

Record time from inside the case management software

Collaborate Anywhere & Everywhere

sharedo allows users to comment on tasks and annotate documents to share ideas, advice and expertise for every task. Users can also delegate and reassign tasks to colleagues to ensure cases are progressed without delay.

Case management collaboration

Document Lifecycle Management

Document creation can be set up to follow any structure, with workflows including review, approval, fact finding and drafting. Each document stage can be delegated to individuals and teams for completion. Users of sharedo can annotate documents from within the application and add comments to help gather information or make refinements. sharedo also integrates with document management software such as iManage and SharePoint to safely store documentation. With its email integration, sharedo also enables email attachments to be saved to the document management software from within the platform.

Improved Business Intelligence

Enabling Business Owners to Make Informed Decisions.

Knowledge is power and the more information an organisation has at their disposal the better their decision making. sharedo features fine grain reporting with machine learning that provides internal and external stakeholders insights and predictive recommendations to make informed decisions and provide customers with greater transparency of their transactions.

Internal Reporting

Case Management with Internal Reporting

Most sharedo screens include contextual ‘radars’. This radar is an information rich area that surfaces data relevant to the screen in view. For example, if the screen in view is:

  • That of an individual case, the radar might include current phase, next action due, key dates, summarised task information (e.g. due, overdue, forthcoming, etc.), strategy guide and so on.
  • A manager’s, the radar might show information about the workload of each team member, their task churn (i.e. whether they are clearing or amassing tasks) and productivity.

sharedo also provides internal users with rich dashboards configured with data (also in graphical form) designed to let them see key metrics at a glance. Dashboard graphs and charts support full drill-down to underlying detail.

External Reporting

External Reproting

sharedo clients can offer portals to their own clients, third party supply chain and other external parties as they see fit. The case management platform offers out-of-the-box B2B and B2C portals and these can be supplemented by those of the organisation’s own design.

The portals can feature personalised reports and data that are relevant to clients and provide them with real-time updates about their transactions, correspondences and documentation.

Data Driven Decisions

Operational Excellence with Data Driven Decisions

sharedo ensures that business owners can scrutinise the operation on a granular level and from a helicopter view.

The platform analyses processes, workloads and the performance of teams and individuals. Every action, that makes up the processes running through sharedo, is monitored and tracked to enable business owners to make decisions based on fact.

So, when it comes to service price, process effectiveness and resource and training requirements; decision makers have all of the information to make the right call.

Better Client Service

Provide Clients with Greater Visibility of their Transactions

One of the most important aspects about service delivery is communication between client and organisation. Good communication builds great relationships and adds to the overall customer experience. sharedo is designed to improve communications to enhance customer service levels and provide greater transparency of client transactions.

Bespoke Portals with Personalised Reporting

Law firm clients can access their progress via bespoke portals

sharedo is persona driven and can support an unlimited number of personas. Each persona determines what that user sees, including reports, tasks, documents and correspondences. This means that firms can quickly deploy bespoke client portals to feature all of the information relevant to that client so they access the real-time status of their case.

Build Client SLAs into Your Processes

Law Firm Case Management with client SLA driven workflows

Specific SLAs agreed with clients can be maintained as ‘client contracts’ and applied to all the client’s matters. This means that individual commitments will always be reflected in sharedo’s alerts. If a single client is instructing multiple SLAs, sharedo can represent these via separate ‘statements of work’ or engagement instructions. In short, sharedo reflects the unique commercial parameters agreed with each client.

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