Your clients already receive great legal advice from you. But in today’s market that by itself may not be enough to truly differentiate you.


Provide your clients with real-time visibility on their matter portfolio.


Give your clients access to key KPIs and metrics to enable them to understand your matter performance.


Keep your client informed of upcoming milestones and important activities.


Enable seamless, secure access to the documents that have been created on their behalf.


When clients want to submit new instructions to you it’s as easy as clicking a link (PS they can still use email too!)


Prepare quotes for your clients and send them electronically.

How easy do you make it for your clients to consume your legal expertise?

Firms have typically tried to address these requirements by using a combination of different disconnected technologies supplemented by lots of manual effort; combinations of portals, document sharing repositories, hand-crafted spreadsheets, clunky electronic file-loads … the list is large, the challenge significant and for your clients very much a fragmented and disparate approach.

sharedo’s business hub is a configurable, out-of-the-box solution for these challenges.

It massively reduces the friction and effort required by your clients to consume your legal services.

It supports extensive configuration opportunities allowing you to mould it to the needs of each client.

It’s available as a fully hosted and managed service for you and your clients and it’s provided under a simple and affordable subscription model.


Your clients will receive the following, all within the business hub with its single intuitive interface and without the need to rely on email and multiple other disparate systems:

• New instruction submissions with fee quoting and approval
• Key-date monitoring with automated real-time notifications of changes
• Real-time collaborative matter working
• Access to matter related documents with full commenting/review capabilities
• Real-time portfolio management and reporting

New Instructions

Authorised clients will submit new instructions to you directly online via the hub, and each instruction will have data entry fields configured specifically for that client/work-type. Where necessary submitted instructions will go through your own quotation and internal approval phase, before being returned to the client for final agreement. (The internal quoting/approval stage is also capable of being automated within sharedo making this as seamless for you as it is for your client).

Clients will be kept informed at every stage of the process, and will know the exact status of their instruction requests.

A full audit trail will be maintained by the hub of the entire instruction/engagement process.

Key Date Monitoring

Your clients will monitor key matter dates via a calendar and filter this by criteria such as work-type, key-date type, case handler and so on.

Where they require more information about any key-date they will obtain this by simply clicking on the date in the calendar and drilling-in to the underlying matter and its detail.

Your clients will answer their “when?” questions in real-time without the need to ask you via email or phone call.

As you work on your clients’ matters certain key-dates and events will inevitably change. As you make these changes internally they will be reflected in real-time within the hub’s calendar. For any matters of special importance to your clients, these key-date changes will trigger immediate ‘alerts/notifications’ to your client making sure they are never unaware of such changes.

Clients will have exactly the same up-to-date information as the lawyers working on their matters.

Real-time collaborative matter working

Instead of email conversation threads about matters, your client will collaborate with you directly from their hub. They will answer your questions, raise queries of their own, make comments, attach documents, etc. and that entire dialogue and interaction will be stored within the single sharedo electronic matter for review and audit. No longer will your client have to ‘piece together’ a matter’s history through a combination of separate emails, documents, telephone call notes and so on.

Access to matter related documents with full commenting/review capabilities

Your client will have immediate and always-on access to matter documents via the hub. They will download those they want hard-copies of. They will mark up and comment those in a drafting stage. They will receive instant notifications when their input is needed on a document, whether this is reviewing/approving or electronically signing them.

All of this will take place within their sharedo hub, without them having to locate travelling drafts from within their email inbox.

Real-time portfolio management and reporting

As you work on your clients’ matters, sharedo will be updating its rich analytical data warehouse.

You will make this data available to your clients in the format and degree of detail required by each of them.

Your client will have access to these metrics in real-time. They can view the work you are doing for them right from a top-level portfolio view right down to detailed transactional level on a matter-by-matter basis. Where required, they will also download raw data to integrate into their own internal reporting solutions.

Ready to take it to the next level?

sharedo business hub is a subset of the award winning sharedo work management platform.

This means that if you want to incorporate work-management and automation into the services you offer your clients it’s simply matter of turning on and configuring those features.

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