slicedbread is pleased to announce the general availability of its Business Hub designed specifically to provide law firms with a frictionless and comprehensive way of collaborating with their corporate clients.

Offered as a subscription based SaaS application (using Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure), Business Hub provides out-of-the-box functionality for features normally requiring multiple disparate applications. These include:

  • new instruction submissions, quoting and on-boarding;
  • key-date monitoring and alerting;
  • the ability to chat, comment, manage tasks and correspondence all within a shared electronic matter;
  • the ability to share, review and round-trip documents with your client directly within the Business Hub; and
  • the ability for clients to self-serve their own real-time MIS, query portfolios on-line, and directly communicate with the relevant fee earners.

Business Hub is constructed entirely from components of the core sharedo work-management platform. This means that users of Business Hub can easily extend its reach for selected/all clients to provide end-to-end internal matter management. In this way they can be sure that they are fully optimising the way they handle work and make this totally transparent to their clients.

For a full description of sharedo Business Hub please visit here