slicedbread, the authors of the award winning sharedo work management platform, have enjoyed another year of significant revenue and client growth.

“Most recently, we introduced sharedo from slicedbread. Rather than replacing existing systems, sharedo is effectively a client portal solution for our major global clients.”

COO Nick Humphreys attributes this to a number of factors,

“The legal services landscape continues to evolve rapidly and technology is no longer being seen as something to purely deal with the core ‘plumbing’ of a firm (e.g. document management, PMS, etc.). Increasingly firms are looking for ‘smart’ technology to assist in the actual delivery of legal services and to provide added value to their clients.

“sharedo was originally conceived as an adaptable, ‘API first’ work management tool with the ability to include clients and third parties (via portals) to be part of that end-to-end work management process.

“We have deliberately approached the market in a ‘quiet’ way—working with a small number of prestigious clients, proving sharedo, establishing a reference able client base and adding the features and functions that those early users suggested would further enhance the platform.

“Word is clearly spreading about sharedo and this year has seen a significant growth in our client base across all areas of legal service provision. It’s great to see us working with some of the largest global firms such as Eversheds Sutherland, national firms like Freeths, new law firms such as Lawyers on Demand as well as in house legal functions for the like of Virgin Media”

There seem to be specific trends emerging from the firms we currently work with, and those approaching us, including:

  • the desire for a true SaaS based solution
  • the need to provide client portals—and not just ‘read-only’ ones, but fully interactive ones that allow clients to be an integral part of the end-to-end work process;
  • the growing use of ‘legal delivery centres’ (whether in-house or outsourced) and the need to be able to quickly triage work to these centres and manage it from that point.

“sharedo provides all of these capabilities as part of its standard feature set. Couple this to its general work management/workflow capabilities and its ability to seamlessly integrate with the firm’s existing major IT systems and its unsurprising that more and more firms are selecting it as a central part of their operations.

“We now seem to be the product of choice for large defendant firms, and we have recently secured our first in-house client.