Greater protection from human error

Via configuration sharedo already allows any user to be assigned to any role. This makes sharedo incredibly flexible and enables firms to define incredibly granular levels of internal and external access. However, in allowing this level of flexibility there is the potential risk of mistakenly breaking organisational security policies; for example, inadvertently granting access to particular data items to the wrong person or client.

To ensure your data integrity we have added ‘overarching security barriers’. You still have the ability to fine tune security to the exact needs of your organisation, but as an added guard against human error, the overarching security barriers add another level of protection.

The type of rules you can apply include:

  1. Only certain internal teams or users can see this matter
  2. Only certain external users can see this matter
  3. Only internal people can be a member of this team

These can be applied:

  1. Globally
  2. For a client contract and its descendants
  3. For a given role(s) and those of its descendants
  4. To the superset of users, as defined by teams, roles or individual profiles that can be given and declined access to this matter

Since the rules are hierarchical, you can also further specify them at child levels, for example; I can define a rule at contract level which applies to its child matters and then further personalise the rules at the matter level.

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