Enterprise-Grade Security

sharedo supports some of the most demanding and security-aware customers in the world – financial institutions, law and accountancy firms. We take that trust very seriously.

Your data.

Isolated and secure.

sharedo services are designed to scale up and out across our customer instances; however, your data is always hosted in a dedicated customer specific database instance. We also support hybrid deployments where key data can reside on-premise if required.

Isolated Customer Databases, secure data

Your documents.

The safest place for your files.

Some of your most confidential information is tied up in your case documents; case documents that sharedo stores in the document management system of your choice (iManage, Sharepoint and Documentum are currently supported).

Furthermore our unique deployment architecture allows us to support hybrid on-premise / cloud and multiple DMS configurations for the most stringent security requirements.

sharedo secure document management

World Class Data Centres.

Powered by Microsoft Azure.

sharedo is hosted in geo-redundant servers provided by Microsoft Azure. With decades of experience, Microsoft provides world-class encryption and enterprise level security.

The European Data Centre is hosted in the UK and is also compliant with ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, SO1 And SOC2 standards; see compliance.

Access Control

Remote access to our Azure environments is strictly controlled and access audited. All sharedo employees requiring access must complete successful background checks and use a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection with two-factor authentication.

Continuous data backup

sharedo is running real-time database replication, to ensure that customer data is both backed up and available on redundant and geographically dispersed servers.

sharedo secure hosting via Microsoft Azure

Independently tested.

sharedo is penetration tested by our partner Secarma over the entire calendar year to ensure compliance at the highest possible level.

sharedo penetration tested

Authentication & authorization.

Access controlled by you.

sharedo supports multiple methods of federated authentication including Google OpenID, OAuth 2.0, ADFS and SAML v2. Leveraging these methods enables you can to allow users to securely gain access to sharedo using their corporate or social credentials.

A sharedo account administrator manages and controls individual user rights by granting team membership or specific authorization controls. Control what your users can see and do by using system, case or even task level permissions.

Uploading 1 / 1 – secure-authentication-into-sharedo.png Attachment Details secure authentication into sharedo

Security barriers.

Advanced information security.

sharedo allows you to take overarching control of information security via the creation of security barriers. These security barriers explicitly include or exclude access to sets of cases. Through security barriers, organisations can ensure confidentiality, ethical or data privacy rules are always adhered to and cannot be overridden through access controls.

security barriers for added information security

Always aware.

Proactive monitoring & reportable audit.

sharedo monitors and records changes made for all users. Changes to roles, permissions, teams, security context and authority levels are all audited and reportable. sharedo can react to changes that are outside of a configured context, providing notifications or alerts to protect against human error, illegal access and to maintain the integrity of your data.

Security Permission monitoring

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