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Wotton & Kearney go-live with ShareDo

16th September 2021: ShareDo announced that Wotton + Kearney went live with the first phase of their firm-wide rollout of ShareDo case management.

Using automated workflows, business insights and AI, Wotton + Kearney are seeking to achieve better claims cycle times, client outcomes and insights; together with improving their SLA management and reporting. In addition, ShareDo will speed up their journey to being ‘Paperlite’ and help them provide better legal services in this new insurtech era.

Rolling out office by office across Australia the solution will be used by ~400 people across matter types including commercial litigation, recoveries, cyber and personal injury.

Product Manager for ShareDo, Ben Nicholson, states

“It’s been fantastic working alongside such as forward looking firm as Wotton + Kearney and tremendous to see this milestone being achieved; a testimony to a lot of peoples hard efforts and dedication.”


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