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Virgin Media go-live with ShareDo incident, claims and real estate solution

Leading international telecommunications provider Virgin Media has gone live with ShareDo incident management, claims case management, real estate management and matter management solution.

The system is designed as a “process hub”; continually monitoring for incident and claims notifications across a variety of channels including:

  1. Electronic Incident notification via the ShareDo portal from Virgin Medias employees; with the potential for the solution to be rolled out to 5,000 people

  2. Alternative Dispute notifications from CISAS with integration to Sharedo being provided by Robotics Process Automation provider UIPath

  3. Automated claims notification from the MoJ portal

Within the “hub” the Virgin Media operations team are then able to manage the various types of work including:

  1. Automatic allocation of work to the relevant processing team based on incident types and peoples skills and availability

  2. Incident notification from Virgin Medias employees with the potential for the solution to be rolled out to 5,000 – people

  3. Defence work assigned to insurance policies based on work relevancy; tracking erosion again policy and managing according to delegated authority levels.

  4. Full workflow management of both claimant and defendant work including litigation, automated time recording, document and email generation.

  5. Customisable MI reporting to allow regular automatic report generation

Chief Product Strategist for Sharedo, Ben Nicholson, adds,

“ShareDo is designed as a work management platform which can be tailored for many different use cases. Hence it’s really exciting to see clients such as Virgin Media take our tech and leverage it to provide truly end to end “process” supply chain solutions.

As we have seen with other similar clients, the effective management of incidents at their inception has the potential to provide significant benefits both in terms of claim reduction and more effective recoveries.

The Virgin team are really innovative in their thinking and I look forward to seeing more of their planned initiatives come to fruition .. Watch this space!”


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