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Understanding Case Management: Part 2 Case Management in the Digital Age

Like most people who are new to case management, you probably have lots of questions. Exactly what is case management? How it case management different from workflow or business process software? In what industries can case management be implemented? How is the digital age impacting case management?

This is the second of a series of ShareDo blog posts to answer those questions.

As we discussed in Part 1 there is an increasing need for case management in today’s knowledge centric industries. A need that is only exemplified by the digital world we live in.  Customers can reach out to you via social networks and mobile applications. The simple interactions that used to take place on the phone or face to face now need to switch seamlessly between channels. Work is ad hoc and complex. That’s where case management comes in.

Digital and Dynamic Case Management

“If you don’t innovate fast and disrupt your industry in the digital age you’ll be left behind by the big-bang of disrupters”. Larry Downes, Co-author, and Senior Researcher.

As consumers, we expect to be able to interact seamlessly with organisations across all channels. As organisations looking to provide the next value service, we are increasingly looking to partner with the external expertise to provide the overall service proposition. These two factors are giving rise to a complex “digital network” where the unit of work or case that is to be fulfilled with involve many participants across many channels.

Static, structured processes don’t stand up to that challenge. Instead, organisations should look to case management to enable their business to respond flexibly to changing digital needs. Digital case management enables you to add new tasks to work that is already in process, change the way a case is being handled or and re-design new business processes. Case management assists businesses in reacting more quickly when managing complex digital work. This type of flexibility puts the dynamic into dynamic case management.

To stay competitive in the face of an increasingly accelerated disruption, many companies need to rethink and retool their offerings and operations. That kind of transformation, however, requires a collaborative effort from all parts of the organisation, no matter how different their processes, systems, and cultures have been in the past.

We believe that in order to manage the needs of your increasingly unpredictable, powered customers and the operational needs of your progressively complex business you require a case management solution that provides full multi-channel and “digital network” design support.  ShareDo is designed to meet those needs. It is designed to increase productivity for service delivery organisations; organisations that want to improve processes, case handler productivity and customer experience in an increasingly dynamic business world.

Whether your industry is health care, professional service, property management or insurance; ShareDo was designed from the ground up on the latest technology to handle cases in the digital age.

Please get in touch to hear more about our dynamic case management service.


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