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Shepherd and Wedderburn begin their Sharedo matter management rollout with Debt Management

ShareDo announced that Shepherd & Wedderburn have begun their rollout of ShareDo case management.

Starting with Debt Management and their Commercial Disputes practice group, Shepherd & Wedderburn are looking for ShareDo to assist them in

  1. Handling greater volumes of debt matters as efficiently and cost effectively as possible

  2. Ensure that as volumes grow; compliance processes remain as robust as ever

  3. Enable better digital collaboration with their case participants both internally and externally

By leveraging ShareDo’s advanced automation capabilities, workflows and business insights, Shepherd and Wedderburn are aiming to help their clients achieve better cycle times, recovery rates and  improve their SLA management. ShareDo will provide the Shepherd and Wedderburn teams with a ‘virtual workbench’ that lets them do everything from one location – from opening a matter, managing team workloads, creating and editing documents, capturing time, managing finances, preparing digital briefs, sending emails, and much more.

Product Manager for ShareDo, Ben Nicholson, states,

“I am delighted that Shepherd & Wedderburn have chosen to partner with us on the next stage of their Smarter Working initiative. We really look forward to working alongside them to see benefits being realised and we hope them gaining market share.”


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