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IBB Law selects ShareDo as their strategic case management system for a firm-wide implementation

IBB Law identified a need for a case management system to bring a consistent approach to managing work across the business whilst enabling practice groups to specialise and adapt to the work they carry out.


The first phase of the project is to focus on IBB Law's Real Estate team, who are looking to ShareDo to aid the team in delivering their work more efficiently and consistently. Not only does ShareDo provide a platform for capturing information at the appropriate point in the workflow, but also it ensures that information is only requested once and is kept up to date as the transaction progresses to completion. To improve the client journey further, IBB Law will be using ShareDo to provide a rich portal experience for clients and give the client greater transparency on the progress of their transactions.  


IBB Law's aim is to be completely self-sufficient on the ShareDo application, utilising the platform’s advanced automation and workflow capabilities to improve life cycle of cases, reduce the costs of delivering their legal services, and allow the lawyers to focus more on delivering their excellent legal expertise to clients without getting unnecessarily bogged down by admin tasks.


Sam Luxford-Watts – IT Director at IBB Law:

“We started talking to ShareDo in 2019, but COVID-19 struck shortly after which meant that IBB had to focus on different priorities for the next couple of years. However, the conversation between ShareDo and IBB Law still continued, and we were delighted to be able to get the project off the starting blocks this year. Through our various discussions, ShareDo stood out not only as a very capable piece of software, but because of the synergy in mindset between our two teams on how the client journey can be improved through the appropriate application of technology.”


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