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How to Thrive as a Tech-Savvy Law Firm

Technology continues to move at an alarming rate, things we were only dreaming about in 2016, started to materialise in 2017 and will only continue to develop as we move forward into 2018.

But how will advancements in technology affect the legal sector?

Increasingly, firms are recognising the importance of adopting and investing in technology in order to effectively compete in today’s market. Clients are also continuing to demand greater engagement with technology, and in many ways, the traditional law firm model is falling behind expectations of the service industry generally.

This year’s study by Deloitte suggests that technology is already leading to job losses in the UK legal sector.  The fact that 114,000 jobs could be automated in 20 years’ time, law firms can’t afford not to take notice of the impact technology is having and will continue to have on the legal sector. Despite the bleak tone of such information, law firms should think of it as an opportunity to innovate and provide an indispensable service for clients.

In our relatively short time in the legal market, we are already seeing significant changes within law firms as they move from firms with limited automation and outsourcing to ones that embrace end to end automation and legal project management

Today vs tomorrow pyramid structure

ShareDo’s case management, automation, and ultimately digital transformation give firms the opportunity to interact with their client in new and exciting ways while improving efficiency and job satisfaction.

The question is no longer “should you be a tech-savvy law firm” but rather, “how can you make technology our competitive advantage against both peer and larger firms?”

How does Tech Help your Legal Practice?

As legal professionals, we’re no longer strangers to the time-saving benefits of technology in the workplace. Look at how typewriters, then personal computers, then email, and now cloud-based software has dramatically improved productivity at law firms.

With more software solutions coming online to save time and increase efficiency, the competitive divide between modern firms that implement these solutions and more traditional, paper-based firms will only increase. Here, firms have a big advantage—they can quickly implement technology to automate repetitive tasks at their firms, and move away from “expert” centric process and towards legal project management.

What Legal Software Does your Law Firm Need?

Start your 2018 as you mean to go on. Digitally transform your legal firm with ShareDo – a platform for tomorrows leading legal firms today.

ShareDo, created by slicedbread, is an adaptive case and work management platform. Built using the best technology stack to solve today’s business problems; ShareDo improves an organisations productivity and efficiency to help drive successful client outcomes.

Want more advice and information to help your legal practice thrive? See the ShareDo website or get in contact with our team at


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