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Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) execute strategic change programme with ShareDo

HCPC are responsible for protecting the public by regulating 15 health and care professions by setting standards for their professionals practice, maintaining a register of professionals and taking action if professionals do not meet those standards.

A key pillar on their 2021 – 2026 Strategy was a commitment to implementing a best in class Fitness to Practise process; ShareDo was selected as the technology platform to underpin that change.

The Fitness to Practice solution will enable HCPC staff, consumers and their registrants to manage and interact within the full case lifecycle from the initial raising of concerns, through investigations, hearings and sanctions, to closure.

The solution is planned to go live in May 2021 and once ShareDo is in place, HCPC will realise substantial efficiencies and benefits including:

  1. to consistently manage complex cases in compliance with stringent regulations;

  2. the ability to capture detailed data about unique case types being managed across a single, integrated platform, and to deliver this via rich analytical reports;

  3. the reduction in cycle times and enhanced collaborative decision making and assurance;

  4. secure, multi-party visibility and auditability across all cases.

COO for ShareDo, Nick Humphrey , adds, “I am delighted that HCPC have chosen to partner with us which is a genuine recognition of the innovation and adaptability embedded within ShareDo in supporting diverse and complex case types. It’s a great achievement that we are a core enabler in the strategic direction of HCPC and have a solution, in ShareDo, that will evolve with the needs of the organisation and ultimately, continue to deliver ongoing satisfaction to all involved parties. ”


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