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Hall & Wilcox Go-live with ShareDo

Leading Australian firm Hall & Wilcox has gone live with its first phase of its ShareDo rollout, starting with its workers’ compensation practice in Queensland.

ShareDo will replace a mixture of case management systems but mainly Caseflow, an Australian system.

Ben Nicholson, ShareDo Product Manager, commented “I’m really excited to see Hall & Wilcox begin the rollout in earnest and will watch in interest as they being to realise the the significant business benefits and market differentiation opportunities that are on offer. Needless to say we will be “on hand” to help them on the next stage of their journey.”

Peter Campbell, Client Solutions Director commented to the IT Insider “We now have a queue of people asking when the next one is because they understand that there is no alternative in this market. What is happening here has probably already happened in the UK: insurers are ramping up their requirements and ramping down their price. The lawyers realise that the way clients want to us to interact is changing -we still have to be great lawyers but it is becoming more complicated, with special billing requirements and KPIs.”

Ben added “It’s been great to work alongside the Hall & Wilcox team to make ShareDo truly international. Adapting the product to enable it to work across all global markets has been a significant undertaking but a necessary one in order to support our increasingly global portfolio of clients. ShareDo is now in use in more than 10 Legal Jurisdictions and I suspect we will be up to 30 by the year end.

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