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Freeths go-live with ShareDo real estate solution

National full-service law firm Freeths has just completed a three-month implementation of ShareDo within one of its Real Estate teams in its Nottingham office. The project, headed by Partner Thomas Goulding, is a pre-cursor to a wider roll-out of ShareDo within the entire Freeths organisation.

The system is handling commercial property acquisitions and is being used across the board by Partners, Associates, Paralegals and Secretaries with the aim of improving productivity, optimising workflows and enhancing firm wide collaboration.

Real Estate partner Thomas Goulding commented “after significant work developing and integrating ShareDo into the Freeths systems, we’re delighted to get our hands on the new platform. ShareDo should bring substantial benefit to our working lives in terms of disaggregating work, leading to increased efficiency and visibility”.

Chief Product Strategist for Sharedo, Ben Nicholson, adds, “ShareDo is widely regarded as the smartest and most flexible work management platform for law firms, but that flexibility has previously slowed down implementations.”

“We have invested a huge amount of time, effort and money over the last 12 months or so in creating out-of-the-box configurations for many common work-types. This makes deployment quicker, de-risks the project and reduces implementation costs. The deployment at Freeths, based on our Real Estate configuration template proves how quickly ShareDo can now be implemented”.

“.. we have increased our investment in R&D by more than 50% over the last year or so and it is good to see this investment come to fruition.”


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