Offer Analytics from sharedo

An exciting feature of sharedo V4 is the offer and reserve analytics that is supplied within the matter and claims framework to provide users with context sensitive insights into trending information, reserve movement and historical transactions.

The new offer analytics feature saves users’ huge amounts of time by doing research on their behalf and providing them with the intelligence and insights to make educated offers.

The analytics provide users with:

  • Average Accepted Offer – The average offer amount for the same matter type within a pre-defined period.
  • Average Accepted Offer for Opponent – Average offer amount for the same matter type made to an opponent for a pre-defined period.
  • Average Negotiation Life Cycle – Average days between first offer created and final offer (last offer) created.
  • Range for Accepted Offers – Minimum and Maximum offer amount for the same matter type.
  • Offer Timeline – Offer amount for matter type over time.

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