Communication is key to managing your workload efficiently. As part of the overall communications structure within sharedo, the platform has been enhanced with additional user notification configuration. This ensure that changes to workloads, completed work and service progress is communicated to relevant users in the form of notifications.

The notifications feature gives users the ability to control their own ‘noise’ to enable improved communication to help users manage their workloads and ensure accurate and timely completion of tasks to keep clients happy and keep processes running smoothly.

The enhanced notification features include:

Task List Notifications for Case Management Users

Global settings

Notification settings can be set up globally so that users receive regular updates, be it daily or weekly. The global settings can also include specific ad-hoc notifications so that if a particular task or phase is passed then users will be notified when they happen.

The settings can also apply to user roles, so clients can be sent notifications for activities that are relevant to them, likewise the same applies to management teams or operations users so that each notification is pertinent to the individual to improve their visibility of the entire process. The global settings also lets administrators configure the templates used in email notifications.

Global Notification Settings

User settings

sharedo users also can configure their notifications to meet their specific needs. Some users may be happy to receive the regular global messages, but others may want tighter control of their work so sharedo provides the ability for users to specify the frequency and type of notifications they receive across any task that forms part of their role.

Notification types

The platform also provides different notification channels to ensure that users receive the information that is important to them. Notifications can be sent across any and all of the following: email, in-app and pop-up ‘toast’ notifications. The latter is particularly useful for users who receive new tasks or have colleagues allocate work to them as the toast notification will let them know that a new task awaits them within their task list.

Users can specify their own notifications

Smart plan configuration

Notifications can be set up within the smart plans for any work type. The configuration enables standard announcements to be made at any and all of the different stages and phases of a service.

The context of each notification can be specified and can include related documents or information to provide users with a better understanding of the overall progress of the work type. Participants must be added to the alerts and this can include job roles, individuals and teams.

The purpose of embedding notifications into the smart plans is to ensure that the relevant notification is sent at every stage of the process and to ensure that all involved parties are kept informed and maintain a good level of visibility of the entire service.

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