To help firms using sharedo improve how they incept new matters and claims into the business, sharedo has been enhanced to provide firms with a flexible framework in which clients can configure their own unique intake processes. Examples of this include B2C sales management instructions, B2B insurance instructions and B2B commercial instructions, although this can be configured for any work type.

Previously the creation of a new work type was a virtual collection of data with some predefined rules embedded, we have introduced this change to make the instruction a flexible and configurable activity in itself. The new instruction functionality is used to manually incept matters/claims or indeed any other type of case into sharedo. The changes to this feature enable you to use:

  • Participant roles model to introduce upfront data capture for case participants
  • Smart plans to model specific processing steps e.g. launch searches etc
  • Phase models to enable specific types of new instruction e.g. the DB lead process to be modelled
  • Phase guards to enable configurable capture of minimal information
  • Form builder to enable client specific data capture as part of the new instruction

New instructions of case and matters just got a whole lot easierThis basically means that firms can introduce an array of different onboarding techniques, from self-service web portals to customer service teams talking over the phone and inputting information directly into sharedo. Once the instruction is complete, sharedo can automatically kick off new tasks to progress the case and matter without delay.