In IT, we have always worked remotely – in home offices, on public transport, anywhere really. It’s partly because we have the technical ability but also because we just have that type of mindset – we can work anywhere. So on a practical level, being able to get the job done when the entire country is locked down, Coronavirus hasn’t greatly impacted us. Really it is business as usual in the unusual.

However, many professionals are known for being traditional in their ways of working, averse to working remotely. There is an underlying concern that if an employee is not in the office then productivity will drop. At sharedo, our case management application provides a platform for modelling work within organisations affording the flexibility to effectively complete tasks and collaborate with customers, irrespective of location.

Recently, one of our client leads at Hall & Wilcox described how apprehensive she and the rest of the team were as a major sharedo project was going live, just as employees were told to work from home! The team found that the sharedo case management system they had in place enabled this. It allowed for greater visibility and therefore more efficient allocation of work; tasks are measured, rather than hours, so productivity has actually increased.

The sharedo case management system is supporting our clients in these unsettled times, building confidence in a new way of working. Therefore, I ask, is Coronavirus catalysing a better way of working? I think yes and we in IT should be paving the way. Yes, keep calm and carry on but carry on innovating. Innovation, staying one step ahead, is the way we will future proof not only our businesses but all that we hold dear.