slicedbread and the fabulous gaming community raises over £2,700 for Special Effect in 12 hour online video game stream.


slicedbread set itself an ambitious target to raise £15,000 for the charity; Special Effect. Special Effect put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

Software developer, Philip Rich and our Charity Officer, Joe Humphries, put their heads together and organised slicedbread’s first video game marathon. slicedbread gave permission for their staff to be broken up into slots, as not to disturb their customer duties, and take part in #Gameblast16.


Philip Rich is an avid streamer and without his help, slicedbread would have struggled to host this successful event. Phil brought, servers, microphones, lights and even a green screen to transform slicedbread’s meeting room into a TV studio. Arriving at the crack of dawn, Phil and Joe connected the masses of hardware together and got slicedbread ready to broadcast to the world via Phil’s Twitch channel –

Gamesblast 2016

A Cracking Start

It soon became apparent that slicedbread were in danger of losing their star performers. Joe and Phil struck up an instant rapport and could easily be poached to present their own radio show. This rapport was clearly shared by the audience too as within two hours the initial £500 target was smashed, with donations hitting over £800.


As the day went on and donations steadily rolled in. The slicedbread team had played Fifa, Worms and a host of other games. It was time for Barry Floyd from Special Effect to explain exactly what it is the charity does. With questions from the audience, someone asked, ‘How many people does Special Effect help?’ The answer came at 450 people. A few seconds later, a member of the online community under the alias, Lovebroken, donated £1 for every person helped. £450! A few minutes pass for Lovebroken to donate another £500 taking the grand total to over £2,000. Such enormous generosity shown by wonderful people.


Video gaming isn’t the same without a healthy dose of competition. The competition for the day revolved around a rally time trial game using Eyegaze technology. Special Effect uses Eyegaze to enable players to control a video game with just their eye movements, in this instance; to control a rather fast rally car around a very winding track. Traditional rivalries were shown, but Oliver Smith, a relative newcomer to slicedbread, was declared the unanimous winner.

Eye Gaze technology

Thank you

The real winner on the day was Special Effect with over £2,700 raised. The day was something special and highlights that people are good.

A spokesperson for slicedbread said, “This day would not have been possible were it not for Philip Rich and Joe Humphries. They worked hard to make the event a success and provided great entertainment for their viewers. I’d also like to reserve special praise for Barry from Special Effect and Batcar, who is a gamer with disabilities, for taking the time to be part of the stream and educating the audience.

“A final thank you goes to all those who made donations. We valued every last penny and know that Special Effect will improve the quality of so many people’s lives because of you. Thank you all from everyone at slicedbread.”