Document management is an important part of professional services and sharedo has been designed to enhance the creation, collaboration and sharing of documentations. Version 4.9 features a number of document management enhancements to make it easier and more efficient for firms to manage documents. These include:

Document Bundling

Building document bundles manually and distributing them in paper format is expensive and time consuming. By utilising sharedo’s electronic document bundling functionality you can quickly create and distribute document bundles to reduce errors and save time. The functionality enables the:

  • Creation of one or more document bundles using a quick selection tool to choose any of the documents to be included in that bundle
  • Ability to see the document bundles associated with a case;
  • Output of the bundle to a PDF;
  • Copying of bundles – users can copy bundles as it’s common that they would generate a bundle but need to recreate it and add or remove some few documents.
  • Add/Modify Document Bundle
    View and sort your document bundles

    Document bundles can be managed via the case and matter document repository and integrates with your chosen Document Management System.

  • Manage Document Bundle
    Manage the document bundle

    Manage your document bundle through the task blade that appears from the right. You can add documents, choose the repository and do a variety of other activities from this user interface.

  • Add Documents
    Quickly add documents to the bundle

    Adding documents to the bundle is easy. Navigate the repositories and select the documents you wish to add.

  • Distributing the Bundle
    Send the bundle via email

    Emailing or printing the bundle is easy, simply click on ‘more’ button and select the option you need.

Document Preview, Annotations and Redactions.

sharedo’s enhanced document preview functionality can be accessed anywhere in sharedo where there is a document and provides the following functionality:

  • Review documents
  • Powerful search capabilities to help users quickly find the information they are seeking.
  • Annotate documents to include notes and instructions to improve collaboration between colleagues and clients
  • Redact documents to protect sensitive data
  • Download and print documents.

The document previewer supports many different file types including, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .jpg and many more.

Resize and crop image files

Users can now resize and crop images that are captured within sharedo’s repositories. The primary use of this feature is to scale images appropriately for inclusion into documents. It saves time and provides users with the ability to quickly use the assets available to them without needing support from marketing or someone with Photoshop skills.

Template Groups

Through the sharedo admin portal administrators can create document templates and group them so that when a user selects the Prepare Document option the system will create a group of documents and emails as part of a set.

Output to PDF.

sharedo enables users to determine if a document should be automatically or manually converted to PDF format. As an added level of security, administrators can specify that the original document is deleted after the PDF conversion.