As we approach our Christmas break so the sharedo product team has been working like Santa’s helpers delivering new functionality into the product!. Release 6.21 brings us the following enhancements:


  • Themes and Personas – sharedo’s persona engine is now fully configurable through the modeller portal enabling you to create unlimited themes and personas to support scenarios such as white labelling, co-branded client portals or even that snowy Christmas application theme!
  • Major enhancements to the solution packaging – within the modeller portal there is now enhanced support for importing and exporting your configuration as solution packages. These are designed to work in tandem with your deployment processes to facilitate easy promotion through environments either manually or as part of a CI process.
  • New phase guard types and modelling experience – the revised phase guard modeller is available through the work type plan modeller and introduces new phase guard types including action plans, participants and data quality rules

Core Case

  • Project Plan Visualisations – you can now quickly configure project plans using the new Plan View widget available in the Portal Editor. This widget allows you to quickly add swim lanes and customise your plans to meet your specific reporting and operational needs.
  • Competency framework – in this release we introduce a new competency framework. Competencies are defined within the admin application and can then be assigned to individual users. Forming part of search you can then quickly do searches such as “find me the person qualified in spinal cases within 50 miles of my location who is available”


  • Configure Chart of Accounts – as the first deliverable on our Finance 2.0 programme of work we are introducing a configurable chart of accounts in which you can define the segments and codes that constitute your case accounting needs
  • Fee Templates – ability to quick define different fee templates across the application.


  • New set of browsable public APIs
  • These features are described briefly in the following sections. As always for more details please see the relevant help materials or contact customer success.

[Modeller] Themes and Personas

From within the modeller environment you can now access a list of the personas defined in the application

Themes and Personas
Each user is assigned a personas which in turn defines

  • The Portal Definitions that they are shown as specified in the portal editor
  • The Theme that they are shown

When configuring a persona you will see a link to select or create a theme

configuring a persona

The Theme enables you to select items including logo’s brand colours and the like; the end result of which is personalised portals for all of your users and clients.

[Modeller] Solution Packaging

A new solution packaging tool is available within the modeller portal.

Solution Packaging
As you iteratively build up your sharedo configuration so you can also build up your deployment packages. Select any of your configuration types in the export tool and sharedo will determine any dependencies to enable you to build a solution package. You can choose whether you wish to deploy all configuration as part of a “big bang” deployment or else deploy work type by work type.

Press export and a package will be available for you to import into additional environments.

[Modeller] Phase Guards

Phase guards are used to provide compliance and data quality checks at key stages in the work items lifecycle. In this release we have introduced a new modelling environment for Phase Guards.

Within a work types phase plan upon selecting a transition you are not presented with the following phase guard types

Phase Guards

Phase Guard Type Description
Data Quality Guards These guards check the data quality rules defined in the application which are in turn based on matching rules
e-Signature Requires the user to “sign” that they have met the specified criteria
Information Only Provides an information message to the user
Mandatory Action Plan Items Enforces the completion of action plan items. This is typically used against tasks
Mandatory Participants Checks for the presence of specific participant roles

Note: whilst phase guards from custom plugins will continue to be supported for some time it is recommended that phase guards are configured through the modelling environment moving forwards.

[Core Case] Project Planning and Work Scheduling

As part of this release we have release a number of features to enable the management of work via project plans.

In your work type portal editor there is a new “Plan View” widget available

Plan View

Through this you can configure

  • How a work items phases are visualised
  • Swim lanes and the work items that are shown.

The net result is you can quickly configure planning views such as the following

quickly configure planning views

Underpinning this are some additional settings at work type level through which you configure how work durations and their dependencies are calculated

additional settings

[Core Case] Competency framework

Within the feature framework you will find a Competencies feature.

Competencies feature

From here you can define the different types of competencies that you require and target them at specific person or user types. Once defined you can then create the individual competencies within the admin portal

admin portal

Depending upon your settings for Competencies they will then be visible as nav bars from users, people or organisations.

nav bars

When searching for a specific ODS Entity competencies are also available as part of the facetted search

facetted search

[Finance] Configurable Chart of Accounts

As a foundational element for the Finance 2.0 programme of work we have introduced a flexible chart of account. This enables you to specify configurable case accounting segments and values that together build up a unique chart of accounts combination.

From within modeller you can now access the chart of accounts feature which allows you to define your accounting segments and their values


Whilst there is only a single chart of accounts for the entire system you can vary this via

  • Changing the applicability of segments by work types
  • Changing the applicability of codes via matching rules

And hence it is possible to tailor the individual codes for specific work type use cases.

The values you have configured are then selectable from the various finance transactions (Invoices, Payments etc)


[Finance] Fee Structure Templates

From within the Fee Structures global feature you are now presented with an additional option to maintain the Fee Templates


The same list can also be accessed via the Finance admin navigation and enables you to define the make-up of your fee templates in terms of the sections and fee elements that are used

Finance admin

[Integrations] New set of browsable public APIs

Whilst sharedo has always been built API first, the feedback we were receiving from clients was that the existing APIs were too cumbersome to use. To address these we have introduced a new set of public REST APIs under pinned by Swagger definitions.

The new APIs can be browsed from within the modeller environment

Whilst there is good coverage in the new API framework from release; this will be enhanced in the release 7 timescales. Nevertheless you are still free to use the existing APIs where necessary.