As we return from our covid enforced staycations and the kids are back at school, the sharedo team has been busy preparing our Q3 update. Release 6.15 brings us the following enhancements:


  • Portal Editor – in this release are introducing our new portal editor together with a wide array of portal widgets from which you can configure the optimal UX for your case handlers
  • Menu Editor and Commands – in conjunction with the portal editor we are also introducing a new editor experience for menu’s
  • Data Composer – how do you inspect and manage a dynamic data model such as sharedo’s? .. Data composer is the answer!

Core Case

  • Notification List Views – for clients who just can’t get enough notifications these are now also available in list views via a dedicated provider.
  • Bulk Upload Templates – to support the mass update of data into sharedo for a variety of different purposes.


  • K2 Integration

These features are described briefly in the following sections. As always for more details please see the relevant help materials or contact customer success.

[Modeller] Portal Editor

Within the Modelling environment there are 2 new portal editors

Work Bench Portal Editor – available under Lists and views/ Portal Editor

Work Type Portal Editor – available within the Portal Editor of a Work Type

Whilst there are subtle difference between the two types of portals both allow you to

1. Specify the persona that the portal applies to together with the overarching style

Specify the persona

2. Configure a set of pages that will appear on the navigation

Configure a set of pages that will appear on the navigation

3. Together with whether the navigation should include items such as badge counts

navigation and badge counts

4. You can then define the layout of the portal in terms of widgets

define the layout of the portal in terms of widgets

5. And then configure or add new widgets from the out of the box list

new widgets from the out of the box list
There are many different portal widgets available and through the rest of release 7 we will be incrementally improving and expanding this list; together with the support for user definable widgets in the near future.

[Modeller] Menu Editor

Alongside the Portal Editor we have also introduced a new menu editor and commands system.

Within the work type modeller you will see a new option “Menu Designer”. As standard this will provide an out of the box menu that should provide for the majority of your needs without any further configuration.

Menu Designer
However if you wish to make changes you can either choose to
1. Override the entire menu – in which case you can configure this from scratch
2. Override individual menu options – in which case only the overridden menu will be customised

Menus themselves are made up of 3 different items

1. Categories these represent hierarchical information “nodes” that are used to group together different menu options. When configuring these you simply need to configure the title and optionally and icon


2. Commands – commands represent a mechanism by which sharedo user interface components can be called. Examples include creating a work item such as a task or launching the change phase dialog


3. Providers – providers are a way of inspecting the sharedo configuration model and adding a dynamic number of menu options. For example if you choose the prepare document list provider then all valid templates will be added.


[Modeller] Data Composer

The sharedo data model extends automatically as you turn on features, define participant roles or relationships or add forms to the solution – it is a dynamic data model. To help you both understand the data model and leverage it in items such as rules and document assembly the Data Composer feature provides a user interface on top of this dynamic model.

Data Composer
Through this interface you can

1. Browse the dynamic data model
2. Extend the model with calculated fields

The Data Composer feature is available for both work items and ODS Entities.

[Core Case] Notification List Views

Whilst notifications are typically accessed from the users top nav menu they can now also be accessed via configurable list views.

List views can be created with the new “notifications” provider which in addition to the standard list view settings provide specific support for specifying the ownership of notifications

Notification List Views
Once the list view is configured this can then be placed on any portal definition.

[Core Case] Bulk Upload Templates

In order to facilitate the repeatable upload of Excel or CSV data into sharedo we have introduced a new bulk upload framework.

Bulk uploads are initially configured from the “Data Loads – CSV and Excel” global feature.

Data Loads - CSV and Excel
Within this feature there are a number of pre-defined upload formats although you are free to extend this to create your own upload formats.

Uploads themselves are handled by dedicated work types

dedicated work types 

These can then be extended to meet specific processing needs; for example smartplans should be written to load the provided data via Public APIs

[Integrations] K2 Integration

Whilst sharedo has supported integration with the K2 workflow engine for some time this integration is being bolstered with a number of feature enhancements designed to make K2 workflows and Smart Forms work with sharedo as seamlessly as possible.

The enhancements includes the following features:

1. Global Feature to configure connections to the K2 cloud – available under Admin/ Features

Global Feature to configure connections to the K2 cloud

2. A linked service for the K2 Cloud – available under Admin/ Manage linked services

linked service for the K2 Cloud

3. Integrated K2 workflow browser available for event triggers

Integrated K2 workflow browser

4. Smart Form Portal Widget & Nav Bar aspect

Smart Form Portal Widget & Nav Bar aspect