This month we have carried on with our implementation of our allocation rules feature with a new rule provider, this time for round robin allocation. Likewise the UX team have continued apace on their mission to make sharedo the “best case UX” ever with a number of enhancements to make peoples lives easier. And finally, not to be out done our analytics team have released the first in a suite of tools around understanding reserve analytics.

Reserve Analytics

Accurate reserving of budget positions is an essential activity for lots of case types but of particular importance for Defendant Insurance matters. To assist you in better reserve management we have started to roll out a series of embedded analytic tools the first of which is the Reserve Analytics blade.

Reserve Analytics

This enables you to flexibly track your reserve movements over time together with a detailed view of the transactions and associated reason codes that have contributed to that movement.

UX Enhancements – File Renaming

It is now easier than ever to rename your files with a single click from where ever they are referenced.

Simply click in line in any of the Document Repository views

Document Repository view

Or Related Documents views (typically used on tasks) …

Related Documents view

… to rename or retitle your documents.

In addition the same functionality has been extended to physical enclosures.

UX Enhancements – Contact Details Picker

One of the key challenges of UX design is making the common user journey efficient whilst also enabling users to still complete the edge cases with minimal cognitive thought.

Nowhere it would seem is this more prevalent that in the management of choosing contact details!

choosing contact details

The new contact picker is now rolled out across multiple contact types including SMS, Email, Fax, Telephone calls etc and is designed to:

  1. Subject to the defined template provide quick filtering of the available participants types
  2. Providing highlighting of the preferred contact method in the case that a given participant has many email, addresses or telephone numbers
  3. .. And if the correct details can’t be found provide a quick mechanism to add them.

Allocation Rules – Round Robin

I’m tempted to say that this might be our last allocation rule for a while … but equally Im tempted to say that the one certainty is that our users will continue to find new and innovative ways of avoiding manual case triage!

So without further “ado” sharedo brings you the round robin allocation rule…

round robin allocation rule