Following the release of the new modelling tools last month, this month has been relatively quiet in terms of feature enhancements, instead we’ve been focused on a raft of minor enhancements to the modelling environment as sharedo modellers find new, exciting and sometimes unexpected ways to create work types!

  • That said, this month we bring you the following feature improvements
  • New User Experience for Reassigning Participants
  • Enhancements to service portfolio configuration
  • The ability to budget your fees over time
  • Enhanced auditing for ODS entities

Reassigning Participants

You are on a piece of work and you need to reassign the Partner or Case Owner .. this experience has just got a whole lot richer in update 6.4.

Reassigning Participants

When reassigning a participant on a work item the system will now prompt and enable you to optionally reassign any tasks that person or team may have and if they hold multiple roles then choose which ones you want to assign.

Not sure who to assign to? This is also made easier by the new Resource Analytics view

Resource Analytics view

Within this view you can see the overall allocation of your team members enabling quick “levelling” of peoples work.

Service Portfolio enhancements

Service Portfolios provide a mechanism for you to define the catalogue of services that you offer to clients; presenting them as a menu for your client instructors or internal onboarding team.

Service Portfolios

The modelling environment for these has been enhancement in a number of ways …

modelling environment

.. including

  • Support for multi region configuration – configure different portfolios for your different global regions and clients
  • Configure the service portfolio with service requests, instructions, matters or tasks to optimise the experience for your end users

Fee Budget Breakdown

We continue to enhance our support for complex fee structures and this month bring you the ability to break down your fee quotes over time to provide a better budgetary view for your clients.

Budget Breakdown

Like all sharedo features this functionality is configurable via the feature framework and is disabled by default. Since budgeting of this type is typically only required for the largest and most complex matters it is also completely configurable by work type.

Fees are still maintained via the various fee sections such as Time & Materials, Disbursements, Fixed Fees but you can now optionally break down these fees over time periods.

ODS Auditing

ODS Auditing

Last but not least … there is now a more fine grained audit record available with the ODS Admin area for People, Organisations, Teams and Users.

Release schedule moving forwards

This is the last of the monthly updates for now; instead we will be moving to a new quarterly style update .. See you in a couple of months!