Bespoke client portals

A great client communication feature within sharedo is the Client Portal. This provides clients with the information they need about their cases, in real time, to provide great visibility. Version 3 includes an enhanced client portal builder to enable you to define as many ‘personas’ as you need.

A persona defines the set of portal pages (‘definitions’) that users see when they access sharedo. No two customers are the same and this is represented in the new client portal builder.

Taking our best practice B2B client persona, you can now design your own personas so that every client has a portal that shows the information that is pertinent to them.

The enhanced builder is a starter kit to enable you to build a suite of portals and then assign users and participants to them. It enables you to improve client communications and provide them with all of the relevant information about their cases, including current status, recent correspondence and previous activities.

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