Visualise key events & milestones over time

Currently sharedo tracks every activity and task performed by every participant within a case and displays this in the audit view. Whilst perfect for compliance and governance purposes, the audit view contains more detail than the average case handler requires when reviewing key activities and events.

The chronology view has been developed with the specific needs of the case handler in mind. The new feature enables users to visualise the key events and milestones of a case over time to understand all the processes and resources that make up the handling of a case or matter from start to finish. It has extensive real-time options that allow users to see only the items that are of specific interest to them each time they review a case.

Timeline view

The timeline view gives a complete history of a case to provide:

Participant centric view showing the interactions between participants

sharedo centric view of what has been happening on the case

Workbench centric view of what users have been doing

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