To improve the user experience of sharedo and to help with the process of creating documents, version 4.9 features speech to text dictation.

BigHand is speech recognition technology, recognised as a leader in their field, that converts dictation in to text. In the latest sharedo release, we’ve integrated BigHand into sharedo. Users can generate dictations using the BigHand desktop or mobile application (BigHand Go).

sharedo also enables firms to configure workflows so that transcriptions can be managed by teams. The system can automatically allocate document tasks to be transcribed into written text format. The transcribed documents can then be associated to the relevant work and assigned to the task owner for review and approval. Where the dictated text cannot be automatically assigned, users can manually allocate it to the correct case, matter or work type.

BigHand is easy to use and boasts up to 97 percent accuracy and helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of document creation.

sharedo integrates with dictation tool BigHand