sharedo – the single platform for all legal is helping legal professionals live a happier life!

From managing stressful situations to switching off at home, here’s sharedo’s spin on a healthy work-life balance and our top tips.

sharedo has been developed to provide our clients with optimised processes, bespoke client support and business intelligence to drive success and help users find the right work-life balance. It has been designed working hand in hand with our clients in an effort to minimise a stressful professional life.

With the amount of changes that have taken place in the legal industry in recent years, legal professionals have been hit hard. More clients per lawyer, less time and more threats in the market; these factors all play a part in creating and building stress. And let’s face it, we work to live, not live to work and if your work life is having a negative effect on your personal life then something is definitely wrong.

With research showing that over 50 percent of a lawyer’s time is spent on administrative and practice management tasks there is a lot that technology can help with to reduce the burden.

Gavin Williams, Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills said: “Technology works best when it simplifies essential processes freeing up more time to spend working with clients.”

One of sharedo’s key features is its flexible disaggregation model. It can automatically assign tasks based on your workload, or send them to para-legal teams, clients or external agencies. You can also quickly reassign and delegate tasks when their workload becomes too much. One of sharedo’s philosophies is to enable you to spend more time being a lawyer and less time being bogged down with admin.

When asked about how technology can help lawyers improve their work-life balance, Jason Plant, head of applications at DLA Piper said: “Applications that focus on the key needs of lawyers without an overload of features that folk rarely use make a real difference. For example, great UI design and more importantly great UX with an ability to access information in a way that meets the modern mobile lawyer’s needs (which today means meeting the mobility needs of the lawyer not simply a mobile app).”

sharedo boasts an unrivalled user experience. With dashboards, action radars and visibility of a team’s workload, sharedo makes it easy to prioritise work, share tasks with your team and see at a glance how your workload compares to your available time. Because sharedo also does the job of a myriad of other software platforms the majority of your activities can be done within the platform rather than having to flit between systems.

A stress free work-life balance IS ideal for all, here are our four vital tips to achieve this…

  • Work smarter not harder – Yes it’s difficult to prioritise tasks, however you should allow yourself a certain amount of time per task and not get caught up with less productive activities. sharedo features dashboards and worklists that give you a snap shot of your activities and because most administrative tasks can be automated and disaggregated, it gives you times to concentrate on a smaller number of tasks that are more refined to you; BEING A LAWYER.

When asked about how technology can help a lawyers’ work-life balance; Tae Royle, Head of Digital Legal Services at Ashhurst said, “Our lawyers are exceptionally smart.  They are excellent problem solvers in highly complex and fluid environments.  But the nature of legal practice is that in order to get to the right answer, all of these really smart people have to go through these mechanical and time consuming processes.  There are better ways of doing things, and better use of technology is a crucial part of the solution.”

  • Just say no – It’s difficult to say no to colleagues and employees sometimes, however; how many unremitting demands can you please? It’s important to think about the task in hand before giving an answer. Because sharedo provides visibility of your workload, it’s easy to delegate work to colleagues with a smaller task list or demonstrate to a colleague that you’re already at maximum capacity (hopefully they would check your workload and realise that you’re swamped).
  • Leave work AT WORK – The injunction between work and leisure is a far more difficult task in the mobile world, however it’s important to separate them and generate closure on your working day. sharedo enables you to almost forget about your critical to do list as it’s all managed and prioritised for you. It also helps you stop those crazed thoughts when you’re jolted awake when you remember something you meant to do. sharedo’s smart case plans ensure that all of your tasks are set with reminders so you never miss any task again and, in the process, avoid stress.
  • Step away from the email – Yes we’ve all been there … You’ve finally allowed yourself to ‘switch off’ from the working day and then your phone lights up with an email from the boss or a client.  sharedo’s task management, client portals and business insights mean that emails are no longer an after work concern. Your boss can check the status of the case in sharedo and your client can get any answer they’re looking for by visiting their bespoke client portal.

To achieve a better work-life balance, the first thing you need is will power to make it happen, the second is to use technology as an enabler so you can work smarter and not harder. sharedo is a platform that helps and enables you to concentrate on working with clients and using your creative brilliance to wrangle with legal matters. Administration can be automated and delegated and with an easy to use and intuitive user experience, sharedo lets you manage all of your events, tasks and activities into prioritised and easy to manage worklists. By using technology to make you a happy lawyer, you’ll remove yourself from the daily churn to give better client service and be part of a more productive firm.

Are you interested in reducing your administrative tasks and spending more quality time at home with your loved ones? Then why not take a look at sharedo,book a demonstration today.