Happy New Year to all you! The sharedo product team have come back firing on all cylinders from the Christmas break. Our staff kitchen is look distinctly more healthy as well with a distinct absence of full fat coke and more than a health collection of fruit and herb teas … let’s see how long this lasts!

This month’s highlights

  • Document Bundling – after the positive feedback on our document splitting feature we have turned our attention to bringing our document bundling feature up to the same “bar”
  • Some significant UX enhancements designed to promote better navigation and reusability of Smart Plans
  • … and as usual a whole host of minor UX & feature enhancements and defect fixes

Document Bundling Enhancements

One of the key “asks” on our product roadmap for some time was to enhanced our support for document bundling. To date many of our clients were using external document bundling software however the lack of integration of this software within the end to end process was proving frustrating and causing bottle necks.

With the Feature admin you will now see a new “Bundling” feature turning this on will enable a number of bundling related functions including:

Bundling Document Templates

With this release you now have the ability to define within the document templates section, templates for Bundle Titles, Sections and Page Separators. These templates use a new tag library “Bundles” which provides a list of tags to enable you to design Tables of Contents and the like.

When a bundle is “built” it will combine the selected documents together with you various title and section separators add page numbering and “hey presto” a bundle is formed.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry there are some examples of bundle templates to get you started!

Bundling Templates

With all of the bundling enhancements and configuration settings that have been added in this release you plainly don’t want to be configuring these for every bundle that you produce … and this is where bundle templates come in.

Once the feature is enabled you will see a new option within your Documents menu “Bundle Templates”

Within a bundle template you are then able to specify default values for:

  • Content – the document templates styles that you want to use to build your bundles
  • Sections – the default sections that your bundle will contain
  • Page Text – specify the styling for where items like bundle headers and page numbering are to be added to documents

Creating bundles
You can create bundles in the same way you did previously .. Either from the Tasks menu or as part of the Document Repository menu.

Once created the bundle blade will be shown and the first dialog you will be presented with is to select a bundle template. Having selected this all of the relevant sections and settings will be prefilled for you.

It’s simply then a matter of dragging and dropping documents into the relevant sections and pressing “generated”.

Not Happy with the output?

You can always place the bundle back into draft, adjust your documents and sections and start again.

Execution Engine Enhancements

This month we have made some major enhancements concerning the user experience for the authoring and re-use experience of Execution engine smart plans.

These functions have been made available under the Modeller Portal enabling easier browsing of all configured triggers and plans.

  1. Within the Modeller review all Smart Plans across all work types and their associated triggers
  2. Browse plans and their top level process steps
  3. Additional views are available within the context of a work type

Minor Enhancements

Along with the major feature enhancements above we have a whole host of minor enhancements including:

  • Workflow checklists now support the ability to add action plan items to choices
  • Exchange Calendar Synchronisation – enhanced configurability to enable the synchronisation of specific key dates for specific participants. Appointments are not synchronised to all invitees calendars by default
  • Add ability to configure conflict and duplicate searches through the modeller UI
  • MoJ Integration – extended support for EL/PL and RTA Phase 2 actions
  • Form Builder – added enhanced support for form styling together with more streamlined UX for forms launched from nav blades