Perhaps inspired by Santa’s ability to travel round the entire world delivering presents in 24 hours the primary focus of this month has been sharedo performance.

For us performance is focused on 3 logical strands:

  1. End User Performance – our users like any other want the fastest possible response times from the application
  2. Linear scaling of performance as both user counts and data volumes scale – with sharedo’s enterprise focus so comes enterprise volumes of data .. volumes of data that is growing exponentially with each new client engagement.
  3. Ensuring that our performance tests are representative of our client based and easily repeatable.

So with these aims in mind we have revisited our performance test packs based on the following:

  1. 500 Concurrent “Case Workers”
  2. Incepting 200 Matters a day
  3. With a historic case and task volume of 5,000,000 +

Which I guess boils down to a decent sized firms running at volume!

With thee benchmarks in place a raft of performance improvements have been added .. Improvements that have on increased the scalability of the platform by +80% and reduced user wait times by 56%. However what really matters in the end is … are our users happier?

This month’s feature highlights

Even while focusing on performance we snuck in a few usability and other enhancements including …

  • Made the ability to refresh document templates configurable
  • Added more “advisor” warnings across the admin side of the application to warn users of potentially inconsistent or incomplete configuration together with “quick links” to fix them
  • Changes to the UX around Teams and Users to assist in quick navigation via blades between key functions such as Teams, Team Membership, User Profiles and the like